Park Progress, or Regress? Pier 1 Opening Pushed Back to Spring

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

Originally scheduled to open in December, then delayed to January, the Pier 1 portion of Brooklyn Bridge Park (see photo above), though evidently good to go, will not welcome the public until, according to the latest promise, sometime this spring.

The Brooklyn Paper: The long-awaited first permanent section of Brooklyn Bridge Park has been delayed — again! — and will now open “in the spring,” Borough President Markowitz revealed in his “State of the Borough” address on Wednesday night.

The waterfront development’s Pier 1 recreation area at the foot of Old Fulton Street — the fruit of decades of planning and controversy — was originally scheduled to open in late 2009, but was pushed back until January.

According to the report, no one has given an explanation for the delay.

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  • anon

    This both simultaneously sucks and blows. ‘Sometime this spring’ is between now and late June. Who the hell is running this show?

  • John

    great just in time for the tourist rush !
    I started to hate where I live : (

  • nabeguy

    anon & John, keep your shirts on…and then figure out a way to sell clever ones to the tourists. But please, no “My parents went to BPP and all I got…”