Open Thread Wednesday 2/3/10


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  • Joe

    The future is ebooks and e-reading devices. It is not without some sadness I say that but I’m in the technology world and I can see the writing on the ipad (unfortunate name btw). I have children and they are very tech savvy and don’t find the concept of reading on devices to be weird or uncomfortable.

    Books will fill the niche of collectors of a bygone era.

  • dog owner

    Brooklyn Heights Vet is the worst ever. The woman who runs that place is the most horrible person ever. i would never go there.

  • Kitty

    I moved to BK Hts recently and had to change vets and was stumped on who to choose. After reading various comments etc., I went with Dr. Neumann at Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group, and very happy I did. Excellent care — yes, a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. I have not felt they charged me for unnecessary procedures, etc. And Dr. Neumann is exceptionally kind, caring, and knowledgeable. I left behind a vet I really loved when I moved and didn’t think I’d find one just as good, but I feel great taking my cats to this practice.

  • dog owner

    Dr. Norton, that is her name. She is pure Evil. I have spoken with dozens of people in the neighborhood who have had awful experiences with her. Her bed side manners are down right criminal. She should be banned from practice and not allowed with in 10 feet of an animal.

  • John

    Kitty how pricey is Dr. Neumann ?

  • yo
  • Kitty

    @John, vet visit prices were comparable to what I paid in Manhattan before I moved. I’d suggest calling for an estimate before you go, but again, I have to say, I was really impressed by the quality of care there (and I’m a pretty tough customer).
    PS — I asked at the good pet store (NYCPet) in DUMBO for a recommendation as well and they said Vinegar Hill practice had the best word-of-mouth, for what that’s worth.

  • Kitty

    Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group:

  • ABC

    I go to Cobble Hill Vet — is that the name? Dr Maddox’s old office. Not in love with Norton et al (to put it mildly) or Vinegar Hill (prices very high IMO).

    I used to love books, but I’ve been using an e-reader for a couple of years now and I’m afraid the defense of physical books sounds to my ears a lot like the defense of albums. I like vinyl, I like books, I buy electronically. If you travel a lot, there’s no comparison.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    I hope paper picture books never go away. Book lovers please note that some of my picture books are now out of print but you can get them brand new and autographed from me. MERMAIDS ON PARADE, GOOD MORNING DIGGER and A CITY IS (poems by Brooklyn poet laureate and Heights neighbor, Norman Rosten). If interested email me through my website link above. I think that having access to books through paper and electronic gets books in people’s hands. So it’s win/win.

  • zburch

    Vinegar Hill in DUMBO has been my best vet experience in the nabe. Over the years I have been to Atlantic Animal Care (horrible), Hope Vet (misdiagnosed a lot, expensive, and terrible office people), Dr. Maddox (good, but gone), Warren Street Emergency (great when you need them), and finally Vinegar Hill in DUMBO> They were hands down the best…they came to my house because of an emergency with my cat. For the last minute housecall, I thought very reasonable. Plus, the people in the office AND the doctors are nice.

  • AEB

    Melanie, I don’t wish to be rude, but I find your almost invariable use of your BHB posts for self-promotion VERY tiresome.

  • epc

    Another vote for Dr. Neuman at Vinegar Hill Vet. We switched there after Dr. Maddox left Cobble Hill Animal Clinic.

  • tb

    Thank you all for the Vet suggestions!

  • Evelyn

    When it comes to vets, we found the best one in Park Slope–Animal Kind. If you dont mind a drive or subway ride, they are the best. And not costly at all. We had mice, and most vets only handle “traditional” pets, but Animal Kind understands small animals….Dr Patil was great with our Thelma and Louise…

  • melanie hope greenberg

    @AEB, Not to be rude back, others in the neighborhood do not share your sentiments when they email me. If it bothers Homer he will ask me to stop. It’s his site and he has my email address. This is an open board on Wednesdays to say and announce anything we want (within reason). Just pass my posts by if you do not like, no worries from me.

  • Teresa

    I have tried posting this four times over the last five hours–got dropped every time. Frustrating…

    AEB: believe that Dr. Norton is no longer at Heights Vet and operating independently; I think that she’ll be working in an office soon but for now is making house calls.

    Dog lover: my experiences with Dr. Norton couldn’t be more different from yours: I’ve found her compassionate & generous, and very available–in emergencies I’ve seen her outside of office hours, we’ve worked together on a number of rescues, and during a recent pet crisis I was on the phone with her at all hours of the night. Her work and help have been invaluable to me.

  • AEB

    Melanie, I do not expect nor ask for a consensus of opinion–as you feel fee to contribute self-adverts to the exclusion of all other kinds of participation (as far as I’ve seen), I feel free to express my opinion about them when I, always “reading down,” encounter them again and again and again.

    I also consider this blog to be a product-promotion-free zone, no matter how charming the product may be (as I know your work is).

  • jellen

    I have been to all the vets in the neighborhood. I loved Maddox but after he retired I went to Dr Newman at Vinegar Hill and she is great, the price increase is minimal. You def. save $ by getting the right treatment the first time around and your pet suffers less.
    No opinion on the bookstore but I am developing a phobia of vintage books carrying book lice and dreaded bedbugs, sorry don’t wanna go there.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    @AEB, It’s not my place to abide by your ideals. It’s up to Homer to say yay or nay. He pays for this site, he runs it and he’s the last word. If /when he says something I will offer a public apology for being a nuisance. Just skip over my posts (as I did with all the Vet talk that is not relevant to my life). Cheers!

  • andy

    Have to say, I agree with AEB

  • z

    Sometimes I wish a big hole opens up and swallows this neighborhood with all its resident. Unfortunately, I am not confident that the replacements will be any better.

  • agree with AEB

    Yes, I agree with AEB. Book or any other self promotion seems out of place here. Buy an ad.

  • AL

    Agree with AEB. Homer, are you taking this in?

  • north heights res

    For what it’s worth, I agree with AEB.

  • north heights res

    Maybe we should have Open Thread Self-Promotion Saturday? Then all of us with products or services to promote can do so shamelessly, and all of you who want to ignore us can do so. =)

  • harumph

    TOTALLY agree with AEB…this could be a first. Sorry Melanie – I’m sure you are nice and that your books are fine, but I’m also tired of your entries in so many threads…

  • Kim G.

    @ jellen…book bugs??? I usually don’t buy used books and have personal issues with libraries. The used book thing again. But I never thought of bed bugs and lice only silverfish. Not that they’re any better. Thanks for giving me something new to worry about. LOL!!!

  • Bob

    Congrats to BH resident Joachim Back on his Academy Award nomination for his short live action film “The New Tenants.” Joachim wrote, cirected and produced and his wife Mette was an Executive Producer. They had a screening recently at the Brooklyn Hts Cinema.

    If you know any Academy members, tell them to vote for Joachim’s film!

  • David on Middagh

    I am very sympathetic to the plight of The Author, who is usually fighting an uphill battle for some kind–any kind–of promotion.

    That said, after I read MHG’s beginning sentence (“I hope paper picture books never go away”), I was expecting an examination of the potentials and pitfalls of picture books in and evolving electronic medium such as the Kindle ebook reader. I would welcome a well-thought out critique or prognostication from someone who knows the business.