Nurses Protest LICH Contract Stance

Nurses at Long Island College Hospital today marched with placards to protest management’s attempt to modify their union contract.

The Brooklyn Paper: Nurses at Long Island College Hospital took to the street in front of the Cobble Hill medical center on Wednesday, alleging that the financially flatlining institution is tinkering with their contracts as it braces for new ownership.

The sticking point is a job security clause that management wants to eliminate, allegedly because of a demand by LICH’s prospective merger partner, SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

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  • Don Snell

    Settle with the Nurses now! Continuum are cheats and liars.

  • Bartmann

    The feedback I’ve heard from LICH is all negative. These comments/direct experiences have come to me from a broad spectrum of people. Has anyone actually had a good experience and would go there without hesitation? Of course your comments and opinions won’t be enough to persuade me to go because we are talking about our health care, which you can never skimp on.


  • annamarie

    Yes I have had several “good experiences” with the nursing & medical care there (although there was a minor mix-up in the admissions department records that took a few calls to fix) but yes I would go there again without hesitation. I’ve been going to my doctor for years and he is affiliated with LICH & Methodist so I have my choice but I choose LICH because of the better nursing care. Those nurses are top rate. The hospital itself could be better if it had more of them on the wards. It would be a self-inflicted wound for that hospital to lose any of its expert nurses with the merger.

    If it signed a contract with them that gave job security, it should stand by its agreement. How can it say it “admires & respects” their nurses at the same time it’s trying to pull the rug out from under them? An agreement is an agreement, no matter what you personally feel about the place.

    If it can’t be trusted to abide by its written word with its employees, how can the community trust it with our lives? LICH needs to step up to the plate on its agreements with its employees or risk losing our trust and any and positive reputation it has among the rest of us.