Continuum Signs Off on LICH/SUNY Downstate Merger

As we noted here last July, discussions have been underway concerning a transfer of management of Long Island College Hospital from Continuum Health Partners to SUNY Downstate Medical Center. This now appears closer to fruition.

The Brooklyn Paper: Long Island College Hospital’s financial malaise is about to run its course, thanks to an agreement that would merge it with another healthcare center, officials say.

LICH’s current operator, Continuum Health Partners, approved an agreement on Wednesday that would merge the Cobble Hill hospital with SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Crown Heights — effectively easing LICH’s fiscal woes and its tumultuous relationship with Continuum.

The agreement, under which SUNY Downstate would operate LICH as a second campus in addition to its present one in Crown Heights, must still receive approval from the New York State Department of Health. Should LICH leave Continuum, and presuming there is no dispute over insurance coverage between SUNY Downstate and UnitedHealthcare, the completion of this merger should mean that those covered under UnitedHealthcare’s medical insurance plans, which include Oxford, will still be able to use LICH.

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  • William Spier

    This will happen; a very high up official at Downstate told me there are only a few hurdles, but no red flags. I think the doctors at LICH will, for the most part, accept the new management. One hurdle was that SUNY and LICH have two different unions- state workers and 1199. I also think we will see an expanded community health program for SUNY, and it will operate out of LICH.

    There is no comparison between the management at Downstate and that of Continuum. Continuum is a community blood sucker and Downstate officers are superior teaching hospital managers.

  • Don Snell

    Settle with the RN’s now!! Downstate must do the right thing!

  • Baddog

    LICH College of Nursin will close, and all functions continue at SUNY Downstate. Don’t be too fact as to who is a “Blood Sucker”. SUNY Downstate has the #1 most complaints in the unions that represent employees in all of SUNY. Remember the grass is always greener, until you get there.