Fender Bender Shuts Remsen Street


BHB tipster “MC” lets us know that Remsen Street between Henry and Clinton is closed due to a double parked car being sideswiped by a passing vehicle. The 84th Precinct is on the scene.  DEVELOPING…

Update: Some commenters below are suggesting that the accident in question was the end result of an undercover drug bust and subsequent  pursuit of perps on Remsen Street.  The 84th Precinct has not confirmed these assertions as of Friday night (1/22).

Second update: This Brooklyn Paper report suggests that much of the damage to the car that was blocking Remsen Street happened when it collided with a police cruiser in Red Hook. The driver evidently managed to get it as far as Remsen before it broke down. At that point, with police in pursuit, the occupants abandoned the car and fled on foot, but two were quickly apprehended.

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  • Emily B.

    I heard the crash, and then saw a bunch of smoke in the middle of Remsen street. Then I saw 2 men sprinting away from the scene, up Clinton towards Montague, with a couple of other men chasing them down and shouting at them. Police were on the scene almost immediately, and when I offered to give a description they said they had it all handled. Scary!

  • cat

    I live on Clinton, and at least 10 police cars went screaming past here. Your headline is a bit confusing–the copy doesn’t really match the “fender bender” description, nor do the 10 police cars.

  • remsenden

    It was not a fender bender. The blue car was not double-parked – it crashed into the parked cars after side-swiping some other cars. The driver and passenger ran from the scene and were chased by undercover police.

  • harumph

    This was a drug bust that involved undercover police. I have friends (with their children) that witnessed this car chase/smash up…the cops finding the drug stash that was thrown under another car… no simple fender bender here! Scary that guns were drawn as well…..I was there a few mintues after it all happened…Can’t believe they were chasing down a street where kids were walking home from the synagogues, and residents and ….well it just sends chills….

  • remsenden

    The suspects were caught, according to the undercover officers.

  • nabeguy

    Sounds like a drug bust gone bad. I’m just thankful that none of those drawn guns were discharged, which really could have had tragic results.

  • nabeguy

    From gothamist:

    Foot Pursuit | Pd Are Involved In A Foot PURSUIT. Nfi Brooklyn, NY | 1/22/2010 4:05 p.m.
    Foot Pursuit | Pd Advising They Have 2 Under Att Brooklyn, NY | 1/22/2010 4:10 p.m

    Sounds like they caught them.

  • harumph

    yes, there were two men and apparently one woman…the two men were caught…not the woman that was with them…

  • WillowtownCop

    “not the woman that was with them…” The women usually have the good stuff. They hold the stash, the cash, and the guns in their purses or their clothing because they tend not to fit the description and they know most male cops do as less than
    thorough job of searching them, lest they be accused of groping one and ending up on the front page of the post.

  • mattthenewguy

    1) I was walking up Joralemon on my way to Perelandra. I saw about eight police cars heading toward the incident at very high speeds up Hicks and Henry (against traffic). 2) I also saw a mother or babysitter and two young girls returning from school. The girls were crying and the woman said “don’t worry, honey, the police will get him, I promise”; and 3) A co-worker of mine witnessed the crash and saw three people flee into local businesses. All seems to fit the drug bust theory.

  • Andrew Porter

    Me talk pretty one day…