NY Times Gives Brooklyn Heights the “Living In” Treatment

New York Times scribe Jake Mooney covers Brooklyn Heights for the paper’s Sunday Real Estate section.  After reading the piece, we’ve learned that Brooklyn Heights is a great place to live! Whew!!

NY Times: This grand-piano-shaped neighborhood is roughly 12 blocks deep, and about five blocks wide at its widest point. It is protected by the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, which was created in 1965 — the first in the city. There are also 50-foot height caps limiting development. Unlike predominantly brownstone neighborhoods like Park Slope and Fort Greene, though, Brooklyn Heights has a mixed housing stock, with smaller wood-framed dwellings and former carriage houses dotting its brownstone blocks.

“The housing quality is beautiful,” said Judy Stanton, the executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. “Every 19th-century architectural style is represented here.”

“It’s very close-knit,” she added. “It feels sort of like it’s a neighborhood that’s looked after.”

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  • http://limestonefinancial.blogspot.com/ StephM

    Not sure if you meant to, but nice play on words for Byrne’s show!

  • AEB

    But will the BB Park offer a SECOND laundromat?

  • Andrew Porter

    I thought the headline, “Static View, Changing Neighborhood”, should have been the reverse, due to BBP. Also, prices quoted for real estate seemed low.

    I commented at the Times website.

  • PS 8 parent

    I found myself wondering who the reporter talked to about middle schools. “Some go to Susan McKinney and others to middle schools in Manhattan.” Huh? I WISH we could send our kids to middle schools in Manhattan; unfortunately, the DOE has made that difficult if not impossible. In fact, many kids continue on to Arts & Letters and MS 113 in Fort Greene. Very few decent middle school options around.

  • http://instaputz.blogspot.com Norman E-Mailer

    There is also a supermarket, and the duo of Starbucks and Connecticut Muffin, which form a hub of the social scene.

    Kill me now.

  • http://inklake.typepad.com Peter Kaufman

    >form a hub of the social scene.

    God knows, I love Brooklyn Heights as much as anyone, but that Times really was WEAK.

    I almost wrote about it here on BHB, but honestly, I saved the snark for my own blog.