Tires Stolen Near Poplar and Hicks


BHB tipster Matthew sends us this photo of a SUV that had all four of its tires stolen this morning, near the corner of Poplar and Hicks streets.

Our tipster writes in:

The car was held up by the jack earlier, but then apparently the hoodlums came back for their jack and left the car on blocks.

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  • nabeguy

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agaon…the hilll on Poplar from Willow to Hicks is a veritable chop-shop. Do Not Park There Overnight Under Any Circumstances!!

  • my2cents

    not again!! dammit.

  • Matthew Parker

    I’m frankly amazed that a Range Rover doesn’t have lug nut locks to prevent this type of theft. Those tires must be at least $1,000 in value. Unfortunately, this is our world where you need locks on ones tires.

  • GAO

    I had my satellite radio stolen the only time I parked there. I never parked there again and have never had any other problem with my car in the eight years I’ve lived here.

  • Gianluca

    Police has camera everywere in the city. I can’t believe they didn’t install one there where it happen so often. I’m sorry but it is so easy at this point to cach this people that almost seems like police don’t want to…

  • Eddy

    FYI that block is also known as “Snake Hill”
    Matthew Parker,
    Never mind the tires, the rims are probably worth upwards of $2k….
    Unfortunately locking lug nuts are only a mild deterrent, there are tools that remove them easily…
    Nabeguy, you may have a point but honestly, do you think people aren’t going
    to park there just because it’s a bit riskier? Imagine driving around for an hour looking for parking, passing open spots on Snake Hill and not parking there… Never happen LOL
    Besides, I have parked a vehicle on the streets of this neighborhood for over 20 years, I have been broken into
    many times, on different streets, even twice on Montague… I don’t think
    it matters that much where you park.

  • nabeguy

    No doubt Eddy, but that hill has consistently been the scene of repeated break-ins, including the time I counted 7 cars in a row with broken windows. That’s not just a smash-n-grab scenario, that’s serial burglary, and it’s gone on for years. If you want to risk it, be my guest, but have fun trying to drive on 4 rims.

  • Billy Reno

    That’s definitely going to affect the gas mileage.

  • No One of Consequence

    I don’t understand it. Just pay to park in a garage/lot. The value-add of the security and peace of mind in addition to the time saved space-hunting and alternate side relocating makes it a no-brainer, to me.

  • Eddy

    No One of Consequence, Yes that’s great if you can afford it. For many, garage space is too much a luxury…. I could easily pay for a new Mercedes with the money I saved over the years parking on the street… It’s not that bad…

  • Andrew Porter

    I never have this problem. Oh, wait, I don’t have a car…

    Lots of green window shards on the north end of Columbia Heights last summer, as I recall. And isn’t Cranberry between Hicks and Henry a prime window smashing site, esp. in the summer when the foliage blocks clear views of parked cars?

  • Kim G.

    This may be a “stupid girl” question but wouldn’t someone make a lot of noise stealing 4 tires?

  • Kim G.

    By the way, why is it called Snake Hill?

  • nabeguy

    Kim, because it follows an S-curve from top to bottom. In regards to the noise, it’s masked out by the ambient roar of the BQE. Also, the hill only has residential units on one side of it. Sparsely occupied areas like this hill, Squibb Hill (adjacent to the dog run), the north end of Columbia Heights, etc. are more prone to car break-ins.

  • No One of Consequence

    You miss the point. If you can afford a Range Rover, you should factor in proper care (storage) for it.

  • Sticky

    There has been a bunch of car demolishing done in the north heights this last month. Though this is pretty intense. Mostly it has been broken windows. Most of the time they leave the items in the car, but that does not negate the fact that you have to go through the mental and financial junk that goes with getting that fixed. I live in the this area and when the skateboarders are out, windows are broken. When they are not, someone’s wheels get stolen!

    Late at night it is a ghost town. I think I have even seen some tumbleweed. So I am not surprised that this was done without anyone hearing it.