National Grid, Local Pols Studying Cause of Underground Explosions

Both local politicians and National Grid, the local gas supplier, are looking into the causes of Monday’s explosions on Joralemon Street and Willow Place. While no one was hurt when three manhole covers blew their stacks and popped out of their housings Monday, residents in Brooklyn Heights want to make sure they’re not subject to another bout of underground indigestion.

Local elected officials and National Grid are reportedly reviewing exactly what sparked the afternoon fireworks in the hopes that any similar incidents can be avoided in the future.

A National Grid spokeswoman declined to identify the contractor hired by the gas company to work on a connection to a house undergoing renovation on Willow Place, and whose workers accidentally contacted an MTA power cable. However, she said the contractor had made the required inquiry concerning underground installations before starting to dig. This leaves open the question why the contractor wasn’t alerted to the MTA cable’s location.

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