Gossip Girl Films in Nabe


This photo, snapped by Flickr photog Urch, shows a film crew set up near Packer shooting the new CW series Gossip Girl.

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  • fishermb

    I had a nice view of them filming last week as I live in 59 Livingston and Packer is my back yard. Doing a lot of night shoots, show is apparently about spoiled rich kids?

  • nelson

    Well, BH seems like the logical locale for that subject.

  • Billy Reno

    I wonder if a crazed Cobble Hiller punches out Gossip Girl’s Daddy.

  • Emily

    I live in 38 livingston st. i saw it from my friggin window.

    It was pretty cool cept those girls got real bitchy for no reason

  • AliG

    Emily…next time get the water balloons!