Flier Flap

The Brooklyn Eagle reports today on a very "First World Problem" facing residents of Brooklyn Heights and the rest of New York state — unwanted advertising fliers in your doorway.

Brooklyn Eagle: Fliers Legislation…: Most homeowners are quick to toss away those mounds of unsolicited fliers and advertisements that gather at their doorsteps. But homeowner Vlad Svetlov makes a point to the contrary. “I go through every single one,” he said.

A new state law signed by the governor this week could curb those slush piles. The Lawn Litter Law, introduced by Sen. Frank Padavan, R-Bellerose, and Assemblyman Mark S. Weprin, D-Little Neck, prohibits the distribution of unsolicited circulars, such as menus, to private property where signs rejecting them are posted. Distributors could face fines from $250 to $1,000 for each violation.

Svetlov, who is also the owner of Heights Car and Limo at 78 Henry St., is disgruntled by the news of the new legislation, which would hinder his taxi service from distributing advertisements to homes in the neighborhood. The law would be enforced once the Legislature reconvenes in September and considers an amendment that will allow the mayor to designate an enforcing agency.

And don't fear! The BHA is on the case:

The Brooklyn Heights Association has also been watching homeowners’ backs. “We have for years been calling for this and have been giving our members signs to put up on their properties,” said staff member Irene Janner. “We are all for this, 100 percent."

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