Open Thread Wednesday 1/20/10

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Flickr photo by sycofantic

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  • WillowtownCop

    OMG! The emergency vehicles that saved our lives on Monday are taking up parking spaces! If I were parked there, I would get a ticket! Favoritism! I demand justice!!!

  • ag

    Just wondering (this may have been discussed) if anyone else has noticed that the employees at Monty’s seem a little “slow”?

  • AEB

    Gosh–someone did a VERY elegant job of removing the most recent AND primordial graffiti from the mail drop-off box on the SW corner of Hicks and Middagh.

    Both sides of the box were tackled–did you check it out, nabe?

  • my2cents

    Willowtown Cop, you beat me to the punch!

  • AEB

    Emergency vehicles=the cars of local parishioners? On this planet?

  • Suzy

    To AG:
    What does “slow” mean? Does it mean that the employees may be on their feet all day dealing with insolent, cranky and impatient customers who pay with nickels and dimes and can’t remember what they ordered?
    The air you are breathing may be rare…. why don’t you try working in fast food/customer service for a day and see how “fast” it takes you to catch on.

  • ag


  • T.K. Small

    Post traumatic fast food syndrome?

  • nabeguy

    AEB, I guarantee you my hands are clean on this one. Given the thoroughness of the job, I’d say your persistance with the PO has finally paid off…good deal.

  • AEB

    Nope, nabe, no communication with the PO “since.” I believe a local took up your…cause.

  • AEB

    …a local local…

  • Gianluca

    No Suzy… It just means that they are slow. And probably because the manager doesn’t train them so well. Oh! And by the way…I don’t pay with pennies and I’m always very nice and so most of the people that go to that place. Do they have insolent, cranky and impatient customers? Of course and they are exactly the same customers that go to any of the restaurant around here. I hope the store will do something about this discussion instead of arrogantly not admitting the issue and be offended about it. Thanks!

  • nabeguy

    AEB, given that I’m just now getting some Xmas packages that were mailed in 2008, the odds are that the PO did this in response to your initial complaint. Either way, it’s clean, which is a good thing.

  • ABC

    Did the Amtrak doctor save a life on Monday?

    I don’t think I’ve heard anyone complain that emergency vehicles park in emergency lanes.

  • Suzy

    This blog is always about the food. It’s a good thing you are not starving in Haiti waiting for an MRE. Now, that might be considered “slow.”

  • Gianluca

    This blog is about our wonderful neighborhood and how it can be connected to the world and to who are in needs right now the most, like the Haiti devastation. This blog thanks to Homer always showed you how sensitive this neighborhood is to emergency like this one. And in the middle of deeply anyone of us trying to help as much as we can with donations and time to involve everybody in church of out of churches…life goes on an little problem of any day life are still our concern because we are who we are and because the world can’t stop to try to make it better. I hope that my Italian “maccheronic” English made clear how we all should try to improve and not to destroy even with words.

  • AEB

    Bravo, Gianluca!

  • Lauren

    Can anyone suggest a good internist in the area? Thanks!

  • DMC

    I apologize if this has been covered in past open threads, but what is a good, reliable local car service?

  • aaron

    DMC–i use Arecibo. they’re based in park slope, but they are fast, reliable, not overpriced–really, they’re just the best 718-783-6465

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Shameless plug for my brand new blog. Click on my name above. I am selling original art and will be adding more images soon.

  • Gianluca

    I also call the one in Henry street. They know our neighborhood and they seem to be fast because around the corner from us (next door to frascati pizza)
    Heights car & service 718-222-9999

  • Andrew Porter

    Gianluca, there have been many comments about those people, most of them not so good.

    Anyone notice the junky new window installed on the side of 138 Columbia Heights, next to the Pineapple Street walkway onto the Promenade? New windows and door in the rear of the building, and a new deck being installed. And no permits visible anywhere…

  • AAR

    Adding fuel to AP’s question — The deck appears to be made of wood, which DoB probably would not allow. Also, the workmen sometimes use the ramp to the Promenade as their personal parking space! I think that Landmarks is very sensitive to visible new construction. Next — a call to BHA?

  • NorthHeights

    Thanks to the Internets, now any nosy rosy can see whether their neighbor has obtained all the permits for the job!

    Just go to Yes, indeed, they have LPC and DOB approval. Can’t help you on whether the permits are being displayed.

  • nabeguy

    Trust me, the permits are on display somewhere, probably in the CH-side widows. Nobody would go through the painful and extended process of dealing with the LPC and then blow it by not posting the permits. And why would wood not be DOB/LPC approved?
    Nosy rosy…love that phrase.

  • T.K. Small

    Internets? Were they created by the Gores?

  • Gianluca

    Thank you for the tip Andrew. i used them 2 times and no problem…But you never know… Thanks again

  • No One of Consequence

    Why does the “New Arby’s Arrives at Historic Gage & Tollner Space” thread not have a comments box?

    It deprives us of the opportunity to say, “It’s an Arby’s night.”