Where Can They Get Their Hair Did?

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I’m hoping to find a good haircutter in the Heights who can also do good color. All recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Suggest away below. 

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  • Marco

    Van Sickel on Middagh between Hicks and Willow.

  • Bklyn Native

    I second Van Sickel. Either Mark, the owner, or Jessica are excellent. The salon is a hidden gem in the N. Heights.

  • lisa

    Melvin at Irene Dinov on Montague street is awesome!

  • BH resident

    I love Sandra at Irene Dinov!

  • steve

    The folks at Studio Fryzura (78 Clark St., between Henry and Hicks) are very good . . . especially the owner, Stash. Natasha has been cutting my hair for years, and she is wonderful.

  • bhb reader

    Love Robert @Dinov, too!

  • bklynred

    Mario at Hair Profiles gets my vote. Been going to him for 6 years!

  • Liz Sonneborn

    How much is a basic haircut at Van Sickel?

  • Bklyn Native

    Don’t know how much for a woman, but a man’s haircut at Van Sickel is $20. Such a deal!

  • fishermb

    do you need an appointment for van sickel? ive given the barber shop on clinton a few chances and just have not been happy with the results.

  • BklynJace

    Mennory at Lauren Kristi, on Clinton by Atlantic.

  • spm

    For Color, Hector at Femmina Salon is best. I wouldn’t get my hair cut there, though.

  • peppermint

    For a hip cut go to BoyluvGirl on Atlantic between Henry and Hicks. Anna and Aaron are the absolute best.

  • jebonClark

    Csaba at Studio Fryzura on Clark

  • jebonClark

    ok, so I was walking with my dog up Henry St by Clark\\\’s diner when my dog peed and a waiter came racing out screaming at me that my dog can not pee on the sidewalk and he was going to call the cops. Beside the fact that he he would NEVER have been so rude and confrontational if I wasn\\\’t a young girl, but this is my building. Are dogs really not allowed to pee on the sidewalk. Also this is the 2nd time he has verbally attacked me, when does it become harassment.
    I was a regular at the diner, but not anymore. Anyone else encountered this uncouth, grumpy waiter @ Clarks?

  • nelson

    Well, actually, dogs are supposed to be “curbed” which means peeing off the curb. I have two dogs and they have been trained to pull to the curb and relieve themselves there.
    It’s not a big deal

  • m .

    any other reviews on boyluvgirl for hair color (highlights) and a cut?

  • PZ

    Anna at BoyLuvGirl is amazing with cuts. I’ve had haircolor done there too, but nothing so complicated. She’s got the natural ability to give you the haircut you need. You just know the minute she starts touching your head that she knows what she’s doing. Last time I went it was $65 for a woman’s cut.