AT&T Shoots Commercial on Hicks Street


Nabe blogger Chuck Taylor tells us that an AT&T commercial was being shot today at 146 Hicks Street.  The location was recently used for the Coen Brothers flick Burn After Reading.

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  • North Heights res

    They’ve been shooting there since Thursday; original “no parking” was for Thursday, but they’ve extended their permit through at least this evening.

  • nabeguy

    Must be the AT&T extended plan.

  • tonka

    The owners of 146 Hicks should pay for all of us who live on the block and park there to keep our cars elsewhere. It’s the week before Xmas. The permit stated that parking was blocked through Saturday, but it’s Sunday and they still have half the block taken. It’s ridiculous.

  • tb

    They are turning on the generators at 6am. Isn’t there some sort of law against this?

  • my2cents

    At least they’re not in the bike lane.

  • Bob

    Interesting they shoot in the Heights when the AT&T service here SUCKS !

  • my2cents

    Yes Bob, I wish they brought more bars to Brooklyn Heights.

  • EB

    This was hugely disruptive, both because of the parking situation and the ridiculous noise levels from the generators, which shook our windows. Are there rules about this, any way of regulating it, or is it just something we have to live with?