Lounge and Backyard Garden Planned at 71 Pineapple

BHB contributor Miriam sent in this pic of a notice informing residents that “Pineapple Restaurant Associates” is planning to open a “lounge and backyard garden” at 71 Pineapple Street. The owners will present their plans at the January 6, 2010 meeting of CB2’s Health, Environment and Social Services Committee at Brooklyn Hospital, 121 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn, third floor rooms 1A and 1B.

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  • Bob Dole

    There will be pineapple in every dish and every drink.

  • my2cents

    Bob Dole supports the Pineapple farmers.
    And Pineapple drinkers.

  • nazimova

    any one know who they are? do they have any other Heights or Bklyn establishments? that spot has always been a “gay bar” (“straight friendly” tho) first “Club 71″ then “WAHTEVER” there was that Mexican restaurant for a few years..just curious…

  • Bob Dole

    not to pick on nazimova, but was one of the earlier bars here really called “WAHTEVER,” with the second and third letters reversed from the more common spelling? That is wonderful, if true.

  • pankymom

    There will be pineapple chunks all over the corner every morning. Why the HELL are they putting in a BAR on a residential street halfway down the block between apartment buildings? Can they not afford anything on Henry St. around the corner? This place is going to be one swanky nightspot, for sure …. place is teeny.

  • bornhere

    When I was a kid (at least going back to the 50s and until the early 60s), this hole in the wall was home to Ricky’s, which my friends and I always thought was was a really foreboding place but which made the BEST take-out pizzas. So there is a lot of history of putting a bar in this weird location.

  • my2cents

    bornhere, you mean back in the old days when there was commercial space on streets other than Henry? I bet the hood was a lot more interesting then!

  • El Where

    God forbid there should be fun in BH. Old people and the like minded please move to jersey!

  • nabeguy

    my2, more like when there actually were side streets before the advent of Cadman towers. Interesting…and diverse. We should bring back the Managua luncheonette from the old Fulton Street.

  • mc

    El, You would probably consider me old. I take issue with your age-ist stance. Not all the “old folks” in Brooklyn Heights are the Brahmins. Believe it or not, some of us wouldn’t be caught dead at the Casino, and and aren’t opposed to a more lively neighborhood scene. We chose to raise our kids in the city rather than moving to Jersey, and understand that “interesting” is often a positive. As far as I’m concerned, the Heights is boring, boring, boring, and needs more interesting restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

  • nabeguy

    El Where, a troll by any other name is still…The Where. Maybe you and Felixthecat2 should actually move to el barrio.

  • No One of Consequence

    I’ve been in there. The space inside space isn’t quite as small as you might think, maybe like Henry’s End-ish. It would be a small backyard space, however, and not much to look at.
    If I recall, they were thinking of asking in the $6500/mo ballpark (they weren’t really sure yet, and this was almost a year ago).
    IMO, that’s a LOT to pay to be on a side street. Of course, Montague would be at least 2x that, which is just sick.
    If it were me, I’d rather take one of the CoC spaces for traffic/exposure… but then, I’d be dooming myself to certain failure, or even a gambit at the Palmira’s space for not so much more, and already built-out.

  • my2cents

    I can’t understand the deal with that Palmyra’s space. I feel like it would be ideal for a “destination” type of restaurant. Like a Blue Hill or Babbo sort of place. It’s in a well off neighborhood, it is also right on the subway (2/3) and is and easy drive by cab across the bridge to get to. But I guess people who are serious restaurateurs in Brooklyn would rather be on Smith or Court, and I can’t really blame them.

  • Andrew Porter

    For years this was a Mexican restaurant, next to the vacant lot that’s now the building under construction. The owners of this building did a horrible job on the outside, not replacing the windows, not cleaning the facade, not removing the cheap pseudo-stone block exterior, and solving the problem of pigeons nesting in the old store’s facade by nailing a piece of wood across the hole.

    The backyard actually faces the back of Fortune House and the other restaurants on Henry, and the back of the residential buildings on Orange Street. The building itself is a rental, but 69 Pineapple next door is a co-op.

  • nazimova

    Fun in Bklyn Hts??? Back in the day there was more fun than “EL” could handle!! there were always a few families..But it was a big bar scene down in the fruit streets ..small hotels lined the side streets they all had bars and were full of some very intresting people the likes of which no longer exist down here anyway the young people today all seem the same to me and they have the most un-original vocabulary ..
    everything is “awsome ” there are “no worries” and don’t forget “amazing” BORING!!!!