73 Pineapple on LPC Docket Tuesday


As previously reported, the "contemporary" plans for construction on the vacant lot at 73 Pineapple will be reviewed by the Landmark Preservation Commission tomorrow. Community Board 2 has already spoken out against the design calling it "foreboding" in a letter to the LPC. The Brooklyn Heights Association has only commented that it "embraces" new contemporary designs in the neighborhood.

Update: According to the LPC schedule for today 73 Pineapple will be "presented" on 8/14.

Google StreetView/Futurama mashup by Homer Fink

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  • pam

    Oh, this isn’t so bad, I was expecting something odd.

  • Elmer

    I think this design signals the fully mature architectural style of my friend, Bugs Bunny. Kudos Bugs!

  • Robert Gonzalez

    What is the story with the building to the right and the one to the left of this lot? One looks vacant and the other is falling apart. Regarding the lot design proposal, what is it?

  • LTindaBH

    Whatever it is, I hope they bring Club Wildfire back! (or was that “Wildfyre”?). This nabe has turned into a snore.

  • Veritas

    That building looks so wild! I love it. Seems like something right out of the game Myst, like the turret is some sort of study/library for an old wealthy sea captain that lives on an island in the middle of the lake; I think it works on Pineapple as well.

  • Fred

    the two flanking buildings are old-school Brooklyn Heights slum holes. once upon a time, ours was a neighborhood of low-rent slum holes. many, but by no means all, of these buildings have been converted to more humnae and sanitary dwellings. the same slum lord owns all three lots. so the new building will be a purpose-built slum tenement to blend in with its context.

  • Vishnu Jones

    It’s a new landlord Fred.

  • Fred

    yeah i know, the same slumlord holding corp llp bought all three lots. they seem like bottom fishers. don’t expect good things.

  • Andrew Porter

    None of you guys noticed this is swiped from “Futurama”! For shame! Hey, if Fry, Bender, and the crew move in, it’ll be all for the better. Just where they’ll park their interstellar delivery truck (isn’t it about the size of the Queen Mary?) is another matter. Hey, I know — the space where Barge Lady was is gonna be vacant soon…