73 Pineapple on LPC Docket

The new owners of the vacant lot at 73 Pineapple Street will face the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission at its next session on August 7.  They will be seeking approval to construct a "new five story building" on the property. As previously reported, owner Deepak Raj promises to build a "contemporary" structure on the land designed by Alex Nussbaumer of AEN Architects.  The Brooklyn Heights Association is on record as "embracing" the new building's intended style. The hearing on the property was laid over in June.

Also on the docket — adding lights to a portion of the Brooklyn Bridge and an application to alter the facade and porch at 52 Livingston Street. 

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  • JL

    No matter what happens with this space, I hope the buildings on each side of this lot also get some attention. If I remember correct, the owner (Deepak Raj) may have purchased them, as well.

  • steve

    Has anyone seen the plans for the proposed building? Are they available on-line? The bare fact that BHA has “embraced” the contemporary design concept is no comfort for me. Remember, BHA embraced the Brooklyn Bridge “Park.”

  • sam

    I have a feeling the new building is going to be less than embraceable. They should build to where the shadow line is on the partywall.

  • Billy Reno

    OT but does anyone know the fate of the Ben & Jerry’s on Atlantic near court?

  • nabeguy

    The B&J’s closed, but last heard, the owner was in negotiations with an ice cream parlor from CH to take over the space. As that was a while ago, I guess it might have falllen through.

  • Rob

    the community board voted to recommend disapproval. according to the meeting minutes, the executive director of BHA informed the land use committee, which she is a member of, that the neighborhood association would probably not approve the application. what “record” of its opinion are you referring to, homer?

  • Homer Fink

    the BHA quote was in the Eagle article linked to here. BHA didn’t “approve” it “embraces” contemporary structures.

  • Rob

    homer, i think that is a general principle at BHA, not necessarily the organization’s opinion at 73 pineapple