Swimming (Hell) Hole?


The always adorable Brooklyn Enthusiast is not so happy about the long lines at the Floating Pool Lady:

Brooklyn Enthusiast: My Failed Trip to Floating Pool: I got to the pool and when I saw how long the line was to get a bracelet, we left. There was no way even if we got into line that we would make the next swim time of 5:00 pm and it was only 3:10 at that point.

I love that it's free and has become an accessible getaway on hot days like today for the many children in the city. It's such a great idea and I would totally pay to go if there was another less crowded location.

Not for nuthin' but what did we expect? It's a free public pool. However, this is a magnificent step up from the pool truck that used to back into my playground in Queens when I was a kid. 

(via Gowanus Lounge

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  • Publius

    I just love the way people always have to complain about something, no matter how wonderful:

    “Hey, the pool is such a great thing and popular, but I couldn’t get out of bed early enough to get right in. I had to wait for a long time with the other lazy people. Not fair!”

    Puleeeeeeeeese. No Winers!

  • Jay

    Get there early next time and you may not have to wait at all.

  • BklynJace

    I went on a hot Sunday, arrived at 3pm and there was a line? SHOCKING!

    I mean, honestly. It’s NYC — if you’re gonna do something popular, ya gotta strategize.

  • http://nonprofitwatch.org bernardo issel

    I’m concerned that the longterm plans for the park do not include a pool. Clearly the community would enjoy this based on the success of the floating pool.

  • http://blatherfrombrooklyn.wordpress.com/ annulla

    In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded!”

  • http://brooklynenthusiast.blogspot.com/ Brooklyn Enthusiast

    first off, congrats on one year BHB! in retrospect, heading to floating pool at like 3pm on the most perfect day of the year wasn’t so smart LOL.

    But someone posted on my blog about the Red Hook pool saying I should try it. Public pools are kinda sketch in general, but I wonder if this one is nice? If anyone knows, do tell!

  • brooklynite

    The Red Hook pool is fantastic. It is enormous, clean and I’ve never been there when it’s been nearly as crowded as the floating pool. It’s actually less crowded on the weekend than during the week because day camps are there during the week. Plus, you have the great food across the way at the ball fields during the weekend. The Carmine Street pool in the west village is also nice.
    The floating pool is ridiculous, with the bracelets and the lines. It’s out of the way for most but I highly recommend the Red Hook Pool (you’ll never have to wait on a line).