High Maintainence

Brownstoner reports on two coop sales this week in Brooklyn Heights — one at 33 Willow Street for a 3br 1000 sq foot (reported as 600 in the piece) unit listed at $899k and another 1br 800 sq foot at 150 Joralemon Street that sold for $440k. The interesting thing here is that the smaller unit at 150 Joralemon charged $1301.53 a month in maintenance while the larger Willow Street unit is at $984.47/mo. Willow Street is a small coop while 150 Joralemon is a much larger endeavor. Are maintenance costs out of control in some nabe coops? 

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  • hjjtakeou

    yes, grrr. I’m so tired of our board president (and his wife) spending our money on superficial improvements of dubious taste. AND increasing our maintenance!

    AND our elections are a joke. He appoints his team. I’ve lived in 4 different co-ops and served on a board and never run into a group like this.

  • epc

    The Joralemon building appears to have a live-in Super, while the other building doesn’t appear to.

  • Nigel

    That Joralemon building always shows up on the real estate listings with suprisingly low asking prices for its units – until you see how high the maintenace is. Same deal at 111 Hicks.

  • Artie

    I looked at an apt. at 150 Joralemon years ago and while it was about 1500 square feet, the maintenance was over $3,200 / month in a building with no doorman. It raised a flag for us.

  • steve

    It seems that no discussion of “high maintenance” co-ops in BH is complete without a reference to 111 Hicks Street. The interesting thing to note, however, is that the maintenance costs of other neighborhood buildings are going up far faster that 111 Hicks, which has only had reasonable, inflation-related increases. Perhaps the increase in maintenance costs for BH co-ops is the result, in some cases, of expiring tax abatements, and in others the cost of doing long-delayed repairs? At any rate, I predict that in a few short years 111 Hicks will not be a high-maintenance standout.

  • guest

    Add some ridiculous assessments into the mix, courtesy of the whims of our power fenzied board members, and your monthly costs can skyrocket without warning or recourse. Note to the beautification committees – -Some of us in BH are actually on budgets!!!!!

  • sue

    111 Hicks at least has a very large support staff, and while we constantly question the managment company, very few of the shareholders complain about the quality of our doormen/porters. Maybe 10 years ago our maintence was out of sight..now; not so much.
    Having looked at any of the new buildings going up on the other side of Adams Street, I shudder to think when those abatements go off, and how much money the condos will cost each moth. I guess the people buying think they will have sold out and be long gone.