84th Precinct Police Blotter – 11/17/09

bugleblotter-300x1711 A pair of gym locker robberies and two stolen laptops from a doctor’s office top this week’s police blotter.

But first, police said there was no new information in the theft of four tires and rims from a car parked on Cranberry Street between Henry and Hicks street overnight on November 10. The combined cost of the tires and rims totaled $3900.

A crook took off with laptops containing patient information from a medical office on Montague Street between Clinton and Court streets on November 6. Along with the two computers, one small copy machine was also stolen from the office.

There were two gym locker robberies at two separate gyms within minutes of each other on the morning of November 11. A snooping thief stole a $2,500 watch from an unlocked locker at a gym on Livingston Street between Boerum Place and Court Street around 11 a.m. A money clip containing $85 was also stolen.

Just fifteen minutes later, a robbery was reported at a gym on the corner of Boerum Place and Pacific Street. A wallet was stolen, and more than $2,500 in purchases were made on the victim’s credit cards. The victim said he wasn’t sure if he had closed the lock.

An employee was arrested for stealing a laptop from the First Unitarian church on Monroe Place. Security camera footage caught the employee sneaking into the basement and removing the laptop from a table on the night of November 12.

A motorcycle thief stole a $3,000 red BMW motorcycle on Montague Street, between Clinton and Henry streets on November 8.

A perp stole a man’s gold chain necklace at gunpoint on York Street between Gold Street and Hudson Avenue around 5:30 a.m. on the morning of November 11. The gun-toting thug approached the 28-year-old man asking for money and then took out a gun and held it to the victim’s neck while he removed the $2500 gold chain.

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  • GHB

    I see full unlocked lockers at Eastern Athletic all the time. What’s up with that?

  • heights mom

    I would add window damage to cars parked on Willow down the hill by the BQE

  • nabeguy

    What’s worse? That a church employee stole a laptop or that a church feels the need to have security cameras to catch them in the act? Is nothing sacred anymore?

  • nabeguy

    AEB. Surprise! Miracles can happen. But only of you make them.

  • x

    The man above doesn’t need security cameras to know who did the deed and will punish accordingly

  • No One of Consequence

    You shouldn’t be allowed to report your stuff stolen if you didn’t lock your gym locker.

  • nancy

    You have to be crazy to leave a $2,500 watch in a locker, JMHO