Thugs Lift Hot Wheels on Cranberry Street


BHB newshound “BP” sent in this photo of an Infiniti M45 parked on Cranberry between Henry and Hick Streets.  Its wheels were stolen at some point in the last few days.  Our tipster adds, ” Looks like the cops are on the case already as there is white fingerprinting powder on the sides of the car.”


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  • Jorale-man

    Why just the wheels? Might as well take the whole car if that’s your line of work.

  • the banned

    the rims alone for this car are worth $200 each -without the tires. You don’t park a car with valuable wheels like that on Brooklyn streets. This is happening all over the Boro lately.

  • Teddy

    Those pictures should be reason enough to pay for a garage if you own an expensive and even a not so expensive vehicle in this area. You leave it on the street, be prepared for this or worse.

  • bklyn20

    Earlier today, I saw that a car window was smashed on Columbia Heights near Middagh, next to the dog run — not that that’s as serious, Nor do I allege canine malfeasance.

  • chaldean

    @bklyn20, it was three cars in a row with smashed windows. Which suggested to me, perhaps wrongly, that it was more vandalism than burglary.

  • Matthew Parker

    I think it was burglary, since all of the smashed car windows had their change and glove boxes turned out. Someone was seeking GPSs, change, or other things of value.

  • fulton ferry res

    The smash and grabs have been occurring on Columbia Hts alongside the dog run all year long. It is usually done in multiples, as my car was one of 3 smashed back in the spring. The 84th Pct does not seem to be doing much about it. I guess that graffiti taggers in the Heights are more important to arrest.

  • nabeguy

    It’s not just Columbia Heights that’s been hit, as the hill from Willow to Hicks is also a prime target. And it hasn’t just been in the past year. Do not park your car, luxury or otherwise, in areas that are around the BQE. The noise from it masks all manner of illegal activities. Maybe we should stock the dog run with round-the-clock-pit bulls as a deterrent.

  • nabeguy

    Okay, so they stole 4 tires but they left their jack behind. Can anyone make sense out of that? And I noticed that the car had been dusted for prints, but not the jack handle. Huh?

  • XYZ

    Windows smashing: You see that frequently in the area of Hicks between Poplar and Old Fulton as well as on Henry between Poplar and Middagh. Sometimes 3 in a row, sometimes just one.

  • my2cents

    Nabeguy, they may have left their jack behind because they needed to leave in a hurry. But it was a good thing they did rather than leaving the car half on blocks, half on the pavement. I saw a honda accord like that near here last year and it made me wince. I have seen this Infiniti around before, and the guy did have really nice rims on it. Such a shame. I feel so bad for the owner.

  • victim

    My car was broken into in the exact same parking spot about a year ago. The Pilgrim Church playground on one side makes this a somewhat easy place for thieves to conduct their business without any eyes on the street to deter them.

  • Bart

    I’m of two minds regarding damage or theft to cars on the street. First I think it is terrible that these things happen. We pay good money for our mortgages to keep crime at a further imagined distance.

    I own a car but I keep it in the garage nearby. Until I was able to afford the garage, I didn’t buy the car. So the idea of keeping valuable property on the streets of New York, and not expect it to get damaged in some way seems naive.


  • Sticky

    I am surprised the bicycle locked on the PS8 gate is still there after 6 months. They are usually stolen if left for so long.

    Nevertheless, I am sure there are NYPD anit-terror cctvs all over the heights already and I am sure they have an idea who did this. Or maybe they were all at Fascati eating pizza and double parking.

  • bennett

    If the driver of this luxury auto had fatally run someone over the cops wouldn’t spend nearly as much time investigating. Too bad ridiculous clown-car wheels are deemed more worthy of public resources than preserving human life.

  • Jazz

    Sounds like a wack-o Streetsblog reader to me.

  • David

    I’d like to see every car in the neighborhood on blocks.

  • JR

    Exactly – all cars on blocks. Who needs ’em when we have a clean, modern and affordable public transportation alternative that runs like a Swiss watch.

  • Billy Reno

    That’ll definitely affect the car’s gas mileage.

  • RT

    And nobody in the neighborhood heard what was going on?

  • Height Bee

    Funny, my car was also broken into at this exact spot. Sounds like some people have found some good hunting ground. Also just walked by the spot and the car is still there…..

  • nabeguy

    3 cars vandalized and broken into in the exact same spot? Who lives opposite to it? Helen Keller?

  • my2cents

    That spot is also where my neighbor was mugged. Maybe (and I am not actually joking here at all) the BHA could petition to have a street light added there. It is a very very dark spot at night where there is really inadequate lighting.

  • nabeguy

    It’s the foliage of the trees that’s blocking the lights that are already there. And no, I’m not suggesting they be cut down. But perhaps some directed spotlights can be placed on the lamp posts that would better illuminate the sidewalk in addition to the street.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Maybe the new Bishop’s Crook lights will be more effective.

  • my2cents

    HAHA. Nice one CB.