Report: FDNY Says UA Court Street Popcorn Machine Fires Minor

After two fires started in the popcorn poppers at the UA Court Street Stadium 12 theater this year, the  FDNY recommended that the establishment bring in a technician to examine the poppers to prevent future fires.  However, a spokesperson for the fire department tells Columbia University’s Brooklyn Ink that they have checked with the theater to see if  the owners had followed their advice.  The FDNY adds that popcorn machine mishaps are rare and that the UA Court Street fires were “not a great issue [and] a minor incident.”

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  • nabeguy

    They’re rare but this theater has already had two such incidents. My cat could do the math on this one. And what’s up with my alma mater having it’s own Brooklyn blog? When I went there, I felt like a dime in a bag of nickels being a Brooklynite.

  • AEB

    And in a related story of almost equal importance, a traffic light changed from red to green on Court at Montague….