Kermit’s Bike Lane

Photo: McBrooklynAs mentioned by many in yesterday’s Open Thread Wednesday, we have a lovely new GREEN bike lane on Henry Street (it’s a DOT experiment reports The Brooklyn Eagle). While we were busy at Dick Swizzle’s birthday party last night (and recovering this morning) McBrooklyn posted a nice photo of it today. We’re curious as to how this fits into a “landmark” neighborhood. That is, of course, unless the lane was on Sesame Street. Thoughts?

Update: Check out this “virtual ride” down the new bike lane (thanks to “Kermit’s Bike” for the link)

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  • havensofmanhattan

    I saw this on another blog. Someone suggested painting the bus lanes red to go along with it.

  • Brit in Brooklyn

    It looks great in the picture and it may just confuse drivers enough not to park in it. In London there’s loads of red lanes for buses and cyclists which, combined with traffic cameras every few yards, keeps them relatively clear.

  • auto-Matt

    Is that where the BHA is going to plant the astro turf?

  • auto-Matt

    It’s not astro turf dummy, its sports turf, and yes the BHA will be laying it down along the green line to create a linear plyground -it is the latest concept from Scandinavia.
    You’ll love it.

  • Claude Scales

    Split personality?

  • elizabells

    I saw it yesterday and wondered what was going on. Didn’t seem to deter any cars from driving in it.

  • Clinton St local

    hideous!!! and what precisely would make a driver think: green=cyclists?

    it’d be so much clearer & safer if they just bother to actually repaint the bike-lane signage with fresh (& reflective) coats every now & then.

    instead, idiot bureaucrats let the paint coats deteriorate & fade away, then decide (genius) to splatter the whole of Henry St in puke-green.

  • joe

    I saw it today and wondered, “what the heck is that?” its ugly beyond words.

  • No One of Consequence

    I haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet, but I am curious how slippery it will get when it rains (or is the paint not that thick?)

  • rain or shine

    If it were a real bike lane (Scandinavian style) it would have a kerb separating it from both the sidewalk and the road, and no paint needed. If any color, it should be blue, and then only at intersections where there’s no kerb, to demarkate from pedestrian crossing and car lanes.

  • GHB

    It’s a good idea, but why not paint it to complement the red brick of the surrounding block? The color would still stand out, but it would look like a better fit.

  • Matt

    The brownstones are what are historic, not the pavement of the street. Get over it.

  • BklynJace

    It’s new! I hate it! Waaaah!

    Wait, what are we talking about? Oh well. Doesn’t matter.

  • Kermit’s Bike

    You can actually do a virtual ride of the bike lane at StreetFilms…

  • anonymous

    I think the reason that most people are upset is that it is in a very ugly color. There are many options out there (a curb) that are much more pleasing to the eye and also do the job of keeping cars out of the bike lanes.

  • Marie

    Oh come on, Dudes, it’s not so bad. Green. Green things. It still raises awareness. Too much griping already.