Sample Sale at DWR

Design Within Reach at 76 Montague Street will be holding a one day floor sample sale on Saturday 7/14 with discounts up to 50%.

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  • Bklyn Native

    Not to sound too cynical, but 50% off their 500% inflated prices, means you’re only overpaying by 250%.

    Almost all of their stuff can be found online much cheaper. Though the showroom is nice. When it was the Merrill Lynch brokerage house back in the 90’s, I lost a lot of money on call options there.

  • bhb reader

    Native, I couldn’t agree more.
    Design within reach — my question was always, “Whose reach??”

  • couch potato

    I had a bad experience buying online for a DWR competitor, so next time I’d be willing to pay some more for a company with a good rep.

    I’m upset I’ll be out of town. Bastille Day sales for all!

  • GHB

    Yeah, they sell nice furniture. We could use more stores like them on Montague! Their prices aren’t so bad considering the quality of the goods. 50% off floor samples…I bet there will be some good buys. I’m there.