Parks and Recreation to Shoot Around Henry Street Monday


BHB newshound @mopostal informs us the NBC’s Parks and Recreation, starring SNL alum Amy Poehler,  is slated to film around Henry and Clark Streets Monday between 5am – 6pm.

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  • nabeguy

    Just another shoot. And here I was, thinking that they were going to plant new trees. Oh well.

  • B

    Why was much of Henry St. blocked off with cones today if the shoot isn’t until tomorrow?

  • GHB

    Is that what’s shooting inside Tazza this morning?

  • Erin

    Yes, they were shooting inside Tazza. I saw Amy Pohler in the store. Clark Street is normally the staging area not where the action is. Glad that Clark Street is being well represented today. (though too bad it was Tazza and not Clarks!)