Fish ‘n’ Chip Paper 11/2/09

fncHere are some of last week’s headlines, in case you missed ’em:
Magnetic Field Awning Gone as Roebling Inn Prepares to Rise
Watchtower Trick or Tracts in the North Heights
Mr. Junkersfeld’s Brooklyn Heights Video Time Machine by Way of The Nabeguy Collection
Police: No crime wave in Brooklyn Heights
Plymouth Church Yankee Fair Announced
Park Progress: Thirty-Second Report–Trees!
Gun Toting Thieves Reality vs. Hype: 84th Precinct Police Blotter – 10/27/09
Full Alternate-Side Parking Restored Nov. 9

GUDER, Graffiti Goon, Defaces North Heights

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  • cat

    Why is the “No Crime Wave” story included and not the “Please be advised” story? Since the first was in response to the latter, I think people should be allowed to read both and make their own assessments.

  • Truf Jones

    cat, i hear it’s vampire initiation week and they only way to kill them is with pop rocks and coke or maybe it was to choke them with rod stewart’s ….

  • cat

    Thanks for the snark, Truf jones. I hope you never end up in the same situation as the original poster. Whether it was gang initiation or not, the orig. poster was harassed in a way that was frightening; she felt she was in danger, and some of those who commented reported being harassed in the same way in recent months. That was the point. The fact that someone then went and got a statement from the police that there is no crime wave doesn’t take away from the fact that this poster was in a dangerous situation, and she was alerting her neighbors to be aware. Why should that post be left out of the fish n chips update?