Police: No crime wave in Brooklyn Heights

In light of last night’s incident, police officials wanted to reassure Brooklyn Heights residents that there were no reported robberies last night and that there is no crime wave in the Heights.

“There are no crime patterns that are affecting Brooklyn Heights,” an official tells Brooklyn Heights Blog.  “Our worst crime pattern is probably a graffiti pattern.”

Major crimes have declined 20 percent over last year throughout the 84th precinct, according to the latest CompStat report.

Each year, around Halloween there are reports of gang initiation rituals in the city, but police officials said this was just a myth.

“It’s an annual rumor that has not had a basis in fact since 1995,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told the Daily News last week. Still, the police have said they will increase their presence at youth hangouts.

Also, officers said that if you are frightened, you should never hesitate to contact the police.

According to safety tips on the NYPD website, if you are coming home late at night and you suspect that you are being followed stay away from lonely quiet blocks and head for a store you know that is open.

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  • bornhere

    I also think an earlier suggestion of walking in the street is a smart one: when you’re driving, even in the Heights, it’s hard to notice goings-on on sidewalks, and there tends to be more vehicular than pedestrian traffic in many areas.
    I don’t know what parameters need to be met for a “Crime Wave,” and I have zero confidence in stats (we all know the magic of numbers and definitions), but my sense is that, if you are the one affected by “an incident,” things are pretty crime wavy.
    (On another note, the line for Ricky’s this afternoon was almost down to Henry! It was actually nice to see.)

  • Eason

    Ok everybody, if you borrowed a torch, lantern, pitchfork or 2×4 from me today or yesterday, please CLEARLY write your name and phone number on a piece of paper and STAPLE it to the item and drop it off at my front door no later than 4pm tomorrow. Also Please place a 2×4 with the nail side down we dont want the kids stepping on it. Thanks. -Eason

  • Clintonious Wow

    Too bad so few stores are open at night in Brooklyn Heights (at least in the south, where I live)

  • x

    The only area that is lit wth open stores in BK late at night is Montague street.. The rest is too quiet for people to walk alone at night or early morning

  • nabeguy

    Brilliant, Eason. BTW, anybody know what is meant by a “youth hangouts”? In my day, that was a stoop or the local diner (i.e. the Promenade). What’s the 21st century version?

  • JJ JCC

    How nice would it be to have the NYPD set up Sky Watch in Brooklyn Heights? The corner of Court and Joralemon seems like a perfect spot for it, with the train station and all the shenanigans along Court.

    Examples of Sky Watch

  • nabeguy

    Oh, the BHA would just love these! And Corcoran would probably try to rent them out as luxury BH penthouses!