Effed at the Nightmare on Court Street

Effed in Park Slope got a taste of our good ol’ fashioned Nightmare on Court Street, the UA Court Street Stadium 12.  While we already know that the place is a certified celluloid cesspool – filth, a fire and another fire and “questionable” bag searches – our Park Slope blogger friend hadn’t really experienced the full monty of fun the UACSS12 has to offer.  Behold the description of the horror… THE HORROR… between a Baby Mama, Another Woman, the Ineffective Security Guard and a Packed Theater at Effed in Park Slope nowWarning the language is salty and the drama not for the faint of heart.

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  • Teddy

    Most people I know only go there in the early afternoon or not at all. I drive to NJ 2 or 3 times a month to shop/visit family and watch my movies over there. A much better experience.

  • Hey-o! Scott

    So, in other words, the theater turned out to be just what some people predicted.

  • peppermint

    Whatever. I have lived in this neighborhood for 6 years and have been to that theater like 50 times and I have never had a problem. That woman is just some lonely white yuppie that’s uncomfortable around black people.