Henry Street Cobblestones – Now You See ‘Em, Now You Don’t

During the “neckdown” construction project on Henry Street,  Karl “Add Urban Archeologist to my Resume” Junkersfeld caught a glimpse of  old timey cobblestones that have been hidden under asphalt at Henry and Cranberry for decades.

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  • Cranberry Beret

    Thanks for the video. I heard from a friend that they had been uncovered, but by the time I got there, the new asphalt was down. By the way, they’re Belgian blocks (mostly uniform bricks), not cobblestones (irregular stones).

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Mr. Beret, you are entirely correct. They are Belgian Blocks, and believe it or not I knew that, but I thought cobblestones would work better for the piece. Brownstones and Belgium Blocks didn’t create the poetic match I wanted to convey. Cobblestones and Brownstones go together like a horse and carriage, meatballs and spaghetti, peanut butter and jelly, bees and honey, bacon and eggs, pencil and paper, bread and butter, two peas in a pod, the stars and stripes, bow and arrow. Another words, I took a little literary license and called them cobblestones. lol

    Even though I am a big fan of John Huston’s movie, Asphalt Jungle, I couldn’t figure out what that black stuff was called. Again, you were right on the mark with calling it asphalt. (By the way Marilyn Monroe has a small part, in this film noir, and is fantastic.)

    For what it is worth, there is still a small patch of Belgian Block on the corner of Henry and Cranberry. The grim reaper will undoubtedly cover it up within the week so get there quickly.

  • north heights res

    I’m not sure that being deliberately inaccurate can be filed under “literary license.” Good to know that we should be skeptical of further reports, as accuracy doesn’t seem to a priority.

    And it seems that the poetry of “brownstones and Belgian Blocks,” given its alliteration and rhythm, needs no tinkering.

  • Billy Reno

    Thank Gawd they paved over those eyesores! Do you even know the havoc they cause on the suspension system of a Prius?!

  • The Where

    Oy vey

  • AEB

    Oy vey II….

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Wow, you just can’t make this up. Beam me up Scotty.

  • another jen

    i noticed them too, the cobblestones are so pretty. If DUMBO can do it, why can’t we? And it would probably encourage slowing down more than the recent work to narrow the streets…