84th Precinct Police Blotter – 10/13/09

bugleblotter-300x1711 It’s Tuesday and time for this week’s police blotter. And we have new details about last week’s slashing on Court Street.

A 22 year old was slashed and sent to the hospital after a verbal dispute escalated outside the subway stop on Court and Montague streets. On October 6 around 10:45 am, the victim approached and asked a man in his 30s for a cigarette. The two men began to argue and then the victim felt a sting on his cheek and noticed he was bleeding. The victim said he never saw the weapon in the man’s hand. After much bleeding, the victim was taken to the hospital.

UPDATE: A perp stole two doors from a man’s Honda Accord on the corner of Hicks Street and Cadman Plaza West near Old Fulton Street sometime between October 6 and 10. Along with the driver’s side and rear doors, the thief stole more than $300 in CDs.

Thieves caused $6000 in damage to a construction site on Bridge Street between Plymouth and Water streets overnight on October 6. The perps smashed all three skylights before removing $1000 in construction tools.

A man’s rental car was stolen from the corner of State and Bond streets on October 5. The man parked the 2008 Chevy overnight and when he returned in the morning it was missing.

A crook took a woman’s purse as she was shopping on the corner of Court and State streets. The victim said that another woman bumped into her and took her wallet, containing multiple credit cars and $40 cash.

A bandit broke into a yougurt store on Court Street on October 5 around 1 a.m. stealing more than $2300 in cash.

A robber pulled a gun on a woman on Atlantic Avenue between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue around 11 p.m. on October 5. The 37-year-old woman was walking west on Pacific Street when she was confronted by a man walking towards her and brandished a black handgun demaning that the woman give him her money. The woman handed him a white envelope containing $325.

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  • nabeguy

    Where is the corner of Hicks Street and Cadman Plaza West? And how unpopulated an area is it that someone managed to steal TWO doors off of a car without anyone noticing? If this is the area on Hicks Street between Poplar and Old Fulton Street, I advise everyone not to even think about parking there…it’s a strippers paradise. As I posted before, I saw 7 cars with smashed driver-side windows on the hill leading from Willow into Hicks not too long ago. The noise off the BQE makes a perfect cover for these kinds of break-ins, so beware.