New pharmacy open

Photo, Brownstoner.Photo, Brownstoner.

Last week, Brownstoner brought attention to a new pharmacy opening up at 79 Atlantic Avenue. Readers commented on the actual pharmaceutical aspects to the pharmacy, claiming that it wasn’t a true pharmacy since it didn’t list such characteristics on its sign, a sign which another reader suggested was in violation of landmark rules. We just spoke to an employee of the new pharmacy – which is still “in the process of opening,” but officially opened for business yesterday – and verified that it is, in fact, a full-line pharmacy that carries prescription medicines, but has an emphasis on natural health (vitamins, herbs, natural supplements). As far as the landmark rules go, the employee said they are well aware of area regulations and is confident that the owner chose signage that is not in violation of any regulations.

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  • promenade

    From LPC…
    (iii) Types of signs not permitted.
    (A) Projecting banners and flagpoles
    (B) Internally illuminated box signs with plastic or glass lenses.
    (C) Internally illuminated fabric signs or awnings.
    (D) Flashing signs, moving signs, or strobe-lights.
    (E) Neon border outline around perimeter of a window.
    (F) Signs or advertising added to bulkheads.

  • brooklynite

    is the surveillance store on atlantic ave in violation then as well? or the pizza place with the flagpoles on the sidewalk?

  • promenade

    maybe so, I and understand your meaning, brooklynite, but these rules are there for a reason, and that sign is fugly!

  • ummm

    Yeah, you’re right Promenade. lets give all the new business a hard time for signage because they can’t all live up the unbelievable sites of empty windowed shady yemenite “travel agencies.”

  • brooklynite

    i was just wondering why there was a fuss being made over the pharmacy but not the other stores which are also new additions to the neighborhood. the sign might be “ugly” but it is definitely not the worst looking or most offensive one in the neighborhood. at least it looks clean.

  • promenade

    Ummmm – just as I live have to abide by the LPC in our bldg, so should everyone else, residential or commercial. It is the beauty of the neighborhood that is honored – can’t or don’t like, then move.

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    I don’t see anything particularly “fugly” about that sign. Pretty simple and unobtrusive. Glad to know, though, the LPC will be on the case. We should, after all, be woried about signage rather than the hideous monstrosities that are being built around Brooklyn these days.

  • ts

    It seems like a classy sign. What’s the problem here?

  • Andrew Porter

    Complaints were made about the poles embedded in the sidewalk in front of the pizza place, and they are no longer in the sidewalk, but are attached to the front of the building.
    311 works!

  • Elaine

    I’m not sure I understand what characteristics of this pharmacy’s sign do not denote as such, when a green cross is standard and recognized all over the rest of the world. Even the Walgreen’s in Times Square installed one, one presumes, for the benefit of foreign tourists who understandably don’t associate pharmacies with junk food and CIGARETTES. I wish this business the best of luck on this sleepy stretch of Atlantic Ave.