Contrasting New Buildings

The Center for Architecture presents Context/Contrast an exhibit highlighting new buildings in historic districts approved by the LPC since 1967.  Brownstoner reports that it features the craptastic 322 Hicks Street and the controversial 125 Joralemon .

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  • Joseph Stella

    I was the architect of 21 grace Court Alley, and 125 Joralemon Street, both projects undertaken with modest aspirations and even more modest budgets. The so-called controversy regarding 125 Joralemon Street no doubt has to do with some comments made by two local luminaries subsequent to the construction of both buildings. For this architect’s response, please see

  • Homer Fink

    Thanks for commenting Joseph. 125 was on the BHA house tour a couple years back and the interior is fantastic…. the exterior I think is wonderful as well especially when factoring in what it replaced.