Hate Note Found on Street in Brooklyn Heights


BHB tipster “Bongo” sent us this disturbing photo of a piece of paper he found on Hicks and Pineapple Tuesday night.

This comes on the heels of suspected hate graffiti at First Unitarian Church, the unsettling protests by the carpetbagging racists from the Westboro Baptist “Church” and similar notes found in Boerum Hill and other parts of Brooklyn recently.

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  • AEB

    Terrible! Why here? A rhetorical question, as hate knows know neighborhood.

    Or, it knows them all.

  • brookie

    My husband saw this (or one like this) and threw it away. He was afraid a child might see this horrific message. If anyone sees one, toss it out!

  • GHB

    If anyone sees it, call the cops

  • http://bivforbrooklyn.com Doug Biviano

    I submitted this proposal to Mayor Bloomberg’s, Yassky’s and Christine Quinn’s offices after the hate crimes in the fall of 2007 to address the problem of hate and violence through innovative youth outreach and civic engagement:


    It’s a long range solution that would cost hardly anything, but save untold tragedies. Just needs a few politicians to tout it — to officially legitimize love, tolerance and non-violence as stronger than hate and violence. I will approach Steve Levin with it when he’s in office.

  • tb

    And you had to put a picture of it up because…?

  • Adam

    What I would pay for just 5 minutes with whoever is doing this……