Open Thread Wednesday


Oh! What a week! Comment on these stories for OTW:

What's coming to Pineapple Street? A "contemporary" building? Does that mean an all glass nightmare? Will the BHA roll over? 

Scaffolding comes down at 185 Montague, could this be the start of a new trend? 

Parking tickets up, robberies up. Life sucks get a helmet? 

No Albany nightlife for Marty Connor.  

JT Leroy trial, anyone paying attention? 

Those were some loud fireworks

… and whatever else you'd like to discuss…  

BHB Photo Club pic by Jen via Flickr

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  • fishermb

    I forget the exact address, but on Montague I noticed that there’s a Coming Soon sign for a dentist, boy oh boy!

    Also was just curious, does anyone know the history of Aitken Place and why it only runs for 1 small block?

  • nabeguy

    IF I’m not mistaken, the dentist is taking over the old (and sorely missed) Mr. Souvlaki space. Can’t fill you in on Aitken Place, but it’s name certainly must relate to it’s length..caught somewhere between being a street and an alley.

  • Qfwfq

    A Vital Dent is taking over the Mr. Souvlaki space.

  • Ready To Order? Guide

    We have any type of restaurant in this area and I really miss a Greek restaurant around here. I’m curious how many of you are going to Manhattan to eat instead to take advantage of the restaurants and bar in our area. I would love if Homer could do a survey about this. It would be interesting to know how many times you go out to dinner at week and where, and if you call for a delivery when you stay home or you actually cook for all your family…

  • Pete

    Is Five Guys ever opening?

  • Mike

    Aitken Place, named after former St. Charles Borromeo priest (Monsignor?). On his passing, I rember having to view his corpse. I must have been about 7 years old. One of those quaint traditions.

  • EJ

    Ready to Order Guide – the music on your site makes it slow, and Not Work Safe.

    Homer, will you guys be @ Quiz Night tonight?

  • Homer Fink

    I will be there. Qfwfq and Mrs. Fink are punking out on me. :(

  • Claude Scales

    fishermb/Mike: According to Brooklyn by Name, by Leonard Benardo and Jennifer Weiss, Aitken Place is named for Msgr. Ambrose S. Aitken, who served at St. Charles Borromeo for 18 years. the street was named for him in 1960 (no indication of what it was called before that).

    EJ/Homer: I’ll be at Magnetic Field tonight. My wife may join me, as may loyal BHB reader and commenter “spm”.

  • nabeguy

    Per this map from 1960, Aitken Place was simply the western end of Livingston Street.

  • Claude Scales