Open Thread Wednesday 9/30/09

BHB Photo Club pic by mopostal

BHB Photo Club pic by mopostal

Wassup! Comment away!

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  • XYZ

    Never had a problem with promenade for airport travel. Have been using them for over 15 years. I cannot recall a bad experience with them.

  • Bob

    Promenade: 5 years using them. One bad experience. Apologies galore from the manager. Stellar (within the realm of car services so the bar is low).

  • promenade

    Halloween is now around the corner and I absolutely refuse to subject my children (and ourselves) to the craziness of Garden Place this year – does anyone know if the rest of Bklyn Hts is finally “doing” Halloween and if not, any other suggestions of where else to trick-or-treat?