Liu’s Triumphsky Over Yassky

Queens Councilmember John Liu won the Democratic nomination for Comptroller, beating out Brooklyn Heights resident/our Councilmember David Yassky in a run-off election tonight.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Liu trumped Yassky, 56 to 44 percent. Only 227,489 votes were cast in the race, less than 10 percent of the city’s registered Democrats, according to the Associated Press.

Liu managed to win the election without an endorsement from the city’s three major papers, all of whom backed Yassky. Today’s run-off was held because two weeks ago neither candidate received the 40 percent necessary to win. Liu will face Republican candidate Joseph Mendola on November 3.

Yassky’s defeat will keep him out of elected office this term (he gave up the chance to run for his council seat for a third term in order to focus on running for Comptroller).

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  • peter

    Disappointing lossky.

  • too badsky for John Kerry-sky wanna-be-sky

    So now Yassky has lost for Brooklyn District Attorney (I think he dropped out prior to the election), Congress and NYC Comptroller. What’s next? I think only Mark Green has run for more elective offices and lost.

    He’s a nice guy, but he should have stuck with his original plan to affirm term limits, before flipping (ie he was against it before I was for it).

  • T.K. Small

    Yassky has turned himself into the type of politician that people simply can’t stand. If he wants to stay in politics he should be more of the “behind the scenes” lawyer/advisor.

  • Queen of the Click

    The right man got the promotion. Yassky started out in office as an honest and hard working individual, but he quickly became cronies with the wrong crowd. John Liu won without the endorsements because in NYC it’s people that matter!

  • JM

    Great news. I hope this is the beginning of holding each and every politician who gave in to Bloomberg on overturning the will of the voters in order to buy a 3rd term and usurp our democratic system accountable.

  • Truman

    Good. I’m pleased that Yassky lost. Now he can go do what comes naturally to his ilk, which is follow in the footsteps of Ken Fisher and become an out-of-the-closet lobbyist for real estate developers, which is what he was doing all along, only lying about.

    I noticed yesterday on the Dumbonyc blog he was trying to score last-minute points with this nonsense about the School Construction Authority lying about the suitability of a middle school at the Two Trees Dock St. development. Here’s what will happen with that: there will be more stirred up debate about whether the school should be there, the powers that be will decide that, when all is said and done, Dock Street is not the right place for a school, and there will be no school and Two Trees will get to build sans school (which is exactly what they intended all along) and they did it with the help of Yassky saying publicly he was against it all the while knowing about the SCA’s (wink wink) knowledge that it was a bad idea.

    And, no, Yassky is not a “nice guy.” He’s a weasel and a liar, a self-interested little prick, nothing more than another run-of-the-mill, smug, no-nothing elitist liberal Ivy League lawyer.

    Hey, Yassky, I hear ACORN needs legal representation. That’s about your speed.

  • PS 8 parent

    For me, it was all about his vote to overturn term limits.

  • former supporter

    term limits, term limits, term limits. david, ya coulda been a contenda.

  • x

    The better man and candidate won.

  • carol

    Actually, too badsky, Ken Diamondstone has the record having ran in and lost four races.

  • Rochdalian

    At what point will he pull those big signs off of the lampposts?????

  • endeavorm

    The only downsidesky to his lossky is no more amusing headlinesky’s. Otherwisesky it was a good resultsky. So longsky Yassky we won’t miss ya!

  • hickster

    um, other than the beef with yassky over term limits, what is so special about liu? he is a proven liar and wants to piss your money away on all types of concessions to a bunch of useless unions. the reason he won is bc a bunch of chinese senior citizens were bussed in droves to the polls.

    it is sad that it takes so little to impress the lefties ib Brooklyn Heights. As my mother says don’t call me when you start trying to bite your elbows with this one.