Open Thread Wednesday


Runnin' late… soundin' great… it's OTW!

Brooklyn Bridge Park backers have a picnic errr sumthin' for cash

State Senator Martin Connor great sense of humor or losing his marbles?

Happy Slapper

Heights Chef next Food Network star? 

Tazza reopens… is the DOH out of line lately in handing out violations? 

New BHA president… do you care? 

… and whatever else is on your mind…. 


BHB Photo Club pic by amysahba via Flickr

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  • nabeguy

    Magnificant picture. Looks more like Italy than Brooklyn.

  • nabeguy

    Good question Ace. I received an invitation to this (and it’s high priced tickets) and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what this “back slapping” party amounted to. At first, I even thought it was a party for an anti-Park committee!
    HF, have you conducted a BPP pro/con survey yet?

  • steve

    Does anyone else think it is deeply ironic that the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy held its annual party at the Empire State Fulton Ferry State Park? I mean, the latter is a very beautiful park, a wonderful example of waterfront restoration that offers a great space for the public to enjoy. The Brooklyn Bridge “Park,” on the other hand, is a land-grab by greedy, politically connected, developers. The entire concept for the “park” — making it a “public/private” venture that will be able to support itself — is fundamentally flawed. The State owned land along the waterfront in that area should be developed as a purely public park, supported by public money, and open to the general public, without luxury condos embedded in the site.

  • nabeguy

    Ironic, moronic, and arrogant, all at the same time. I hope those people who are planning to buy into these condo’s have been listening to Chertoff’s hurricane warnings; they may be better off investing their money in an Evinrude and Zodiac rather than a Sub-zero and Vulcan!

  • Cranky

    I’m aggravated because I went to Tenda on Montague for the first time. I would have thought it was OK but when the bill came they charged me $12 for a glass of red wine!


  • nabeguy

    For a house wine? If that’s the case, then I in-Tenda stay away from that place!

  • Bklyn Native

    To make it worse, the $12 wine is most likely a glass of Two Buck Chuck (which costs $2.99 a bottle at TJs on 14th Street). I see a lot of restaurant owners buying that bilge by the case to foist as house wine.

  • steve

    If you can take the noise, then Noddle Pudding is pretty good when it comes to reasonably priced house wines, I think. I also had a very nice, reasonably priced red wine at Petit Marche, to wash down a wonderful steak special, the name of which I can’t recall. Quick question on Lantern restaurant . . . how is it? Worth checking out? The last time I was there was after Thai 101 but before its current incarnation. And more to the point, is the wine reasonably priced?

  • Cranky

    Nabe guy, that made me laugh.

    I just asked for a red. Next time, I triple-check the price. That’s never happened to me before though (in the nabe or elsewhere) – usually if it is so much more, they will tell you. Oh well, first time for everything.

    I walked past there last night and saw one of the owners outside. I scowled at him. I tried to get some of it back when it happened but noooo. Of course I had more than 1 glass. Oh well, I’ll never go there again and neither will any of the other 4 people I was with. :-P

    Blkyn Native I bet you are exactly right. It wasn’t great the wine, it was just OK.

  • Cranky

    hi steve,

    I liked Lantern. If I remember right, the wine was reasonable. The staff was a lot nicer than Tenda that’s for sure.

    I looove La Petiit Marche. I think that’s my favorite new place in the heights so far.

    I also always liked Henry Street Ale House. Foods really good for a pub.

  • steve

    Hello Cranky, and thanks for the tip re Lantern. Regarding Henry St. Ale House, I have not been in there since it was the Park Slope Brewery. I always want to go in and check it out, but invariably my dinner companions turn up their noses, claiming “it’s too dark,” “it’s a burger joint,” “it’s for the very young.” It looks cosy and fun to me, and probably has excellent local beer and Ale. I’m going to have to work harder, I guess, at convincing an adventurous friend to check it out with me.

  • nabeguy

    Cranky, when you asked for a red, they must have misunderstood and tried to bleed you! I can second the endoresment of the wine and food at Petit Marche. Both are wonderful and reasonably priced.

  • Cranky

    nabe guy – that’s why I’ve been feeling a little faint! lol

    The other thing I love about Petit Marche is the service. Every single time I’ve gone in there, it’s been stellar.

    steve, tell your friends there are all ages in there. It’s a pub so the ambience is not bad but not fancy. Food is good, cheap and they have tons of different kinds of beer. Wine too. I like Henry Street Ale better than Lantern but I guess it just depends what you are in the mood for.

  • embee

    Just an FYI about the lunchtime R&B concert series at Metro Tech, every Thursday for the summer. Booker T and the MGs played today. Here’s the sked:

    Agree with negativity re Tenda. Basically in line with rest of Montague mediocrity.

  • joe

    Never ate at Tenda and now I don’t even want to go. $12 for wine? I thought they were a low price neighborhood place. I’ve eaten at Lantern a few times. I think its expensive and though the food is fine, the portions are small and the food is overly sweet. Its not a place I go to often.

    Henry Ale House I’ve only been once. Had the hamburger and didn’t think much of it. The ambiance is kind of dark and cool though like a tavern.

    In the neighborhood I love Petite Marche (their burger is great as well as many of their specials) and King Tut (their mixed appetizers are really good). Petite marche has good food, service and wine. King Tut has good food and friendly but very slow service. Its better than Fatoosh in my book and many of the other middle eastern restaurants on Atlantic.

    Also if you haven’t been to Habino you should try it. Its the best Japanese in the area in my opinion.

  • No One of Consequence

    I noticed today that Corcoran took an upstairs space above Sprint, or was it Tango? Not sure what used to be there? Claude?

  • Arthur_G

    I’ve seen wine for far more than $12 a glass out there – BUT you shouldn’t be blind-sided by it when you just order a red.

    You rarely do well getting wine by the glass. You;re better off getting a bottle or half-bottle (way too rare). Few people seem to know that the law changed a while back and if you don’t finish a bottle you CAN take it with you.

    anyway, arthur’s 2 pfennig on that matter

  • embee

    So Time Out says Five Guys opens next week. Burger aficionados, get ready to post!

  • Cranky

    me both restaurants are on Montague. Tenda used to be that little Burrito place. It’s next to Haagen Daaz, right near Housing Works Thrift Shop. Lantern is across the street from Key Food, next to Sammy’s Pet Store.

    joe I like the burger at Henry Street. Good basic chow. I wonder how the burger at the new place on Montague (5 guys) will be when it opens. Where is Habino? Is that the place on Montague? I’ll have to try it. I still haven’t tried Iron Chef yet.

  • Andrew

    A Hamburger Today visited 5 Guys in Queens and liked it. I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

    Haven’t been to Tenda (and don’t intenda to, either), but Lantern is decent, if unspectacular. Unlike most of the places on Montague St, it actually serves food that passes the threshold of edible and heads towards tasty. While nowhere near the best Thai food in Brooklyn, it is the best Thai food in the Heights. I’m not a huge fan, but it’s a nice space.

  • Homer Fink

    Tenda is good.

  • JL

    Also fans of Lantern here, as well. One of the nice things about the place is that you can usually sit outside and get a nice breeze, which you don’t get further east on Montague (i.e. Armando’s, etc.). Food is likely the best Thai nearby, although I am sure there is better elsewhere in Brooklyn. Also, next time you’re in, try the thai iced tea or thai coffee. More refreshing and tasty than any Starbuck’s icy drink.

    Also enjoy Henry St. Ale House. Nice beer selection, reasonable prices, and a solid burger each time. Great local spot.

    Never been to Tenda.

  • joe

    Hibino is not in BH its in cobble hill which is why you might not have seen it before. Its across the street from the hospital playgrounds on Henry St I think, 1 block past Atlantic. The sushi is very fresh and their other entrees are good.

    I don’t like Iron Chef. I’ve eaten there a few times and I don’t think its very good. It seems to be popular though.

  • nabeguy

    Apropos of nothing, I happened to find a great link to a site with a map of Fulton Street circa 1950. Some of the listings are a bit off (like Gage and Faulkner) but for those of a certain age who can remember some of the store listings (like Schrafft’s!) it’s a memory blast.