Heights Chef Next Food TV Star?

He may not be THE Busy Chef, but the nabe's Michael Salmon sure seems to have his plate full as a contestant on the Food Network's new reality show:  

contestants_michael.jpgBrooklyn Paper: It's No Fluke: But Michael Salmon, a Brooklyn Heights resident and a contestant on the chef showdown, “The Next Food Network Star,” wouldn’t spill the garbanzos about whether he — or one of his 10 toque-wearing rivals — will end up winning the contest and getting his own show.

“I really can’t tell you,” he said.

That was the only moment in our meeting when the usually chatty Salmon — “like the fish” — was at a loss for words. At 53, the tall, bald-headed restaurant professional is no newcomer to interviews. From 2005 to 2006, he was the host of “Wild Salmon,” a radio program on Air America, and, before that, he stared in “Secrets From the Kitchen,” a 1980s cooking show. It was his on-air rapport with the audience that led Salmon to his current gig.

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  • witheld

    Is this the same man who used to run the ‘Cucina Italiana’ in the Macy’s Herald Square store years ago? Hmmmm. If it is, I wouldn’t want him to win.

  • http://bccy.blogspot.com frelkins

    Indeed, he did used to work at Macy’s. I was on his Air America radio show last year with Oren Bloostein. I thought he was actually rather friendly, but not in-depth, you know? Still, he’s better than R. Ray, no doubt!

  • Josh

    I like his personality but Rachel Ray is definitely more enjoyable to watch than him.

  • Dave Mace

    I watched two TV shows Sunday. One promised high drama (The Sopranos) and one delivered it (The Next Food Network Star). Michael Salmon was stone-cold ripped off. He had the best dish, the best presentation and the grill marks to prove it.

  • chef az

    worked with michael salmon, every thing he has cook so far has been a rip off of where we worked . dried herbs on the grill ! come on mike we did that 15 years ago ,

  • cookin

    There’s no contestant this season who stands out. Guy was the obvious winner last year. You could tell that from the ads alone even before the show aired!

    But I can’t stand Michael Salmon, sorry! The judge who said he delivered like a “used car salesman” last Sunday was right on the mark!

  • Leslie

    I completely disagree with you about the used car salesman comment. Michael turned on his charm and attracted attention to his food, which, by the way, was the most well received. The venue called for it. Michael is the only contestent who consistently delivered, with class, maturity and taste. He stands so far above the rest of the contestents, it just proves my theory that this show is a complete farce. Predermined from the start. The wins of the challenges have nothing to do with the judges decisions. What a joke.

  • :::::

    Could not be happier to see Mr. Salmon voted off. My company had a really negative experience doing business with him.

  • paul schmutz

    i worked with mike salmon for a couple years at 21 club in the late 80’s and also at mickey mantles restaurant and i have to tell you he really does not have a lot of talent today as compared to then he had a ton of personal problems i remember his wife was leaving him and he faked a heart attack ,i lost a lot of respect for him as a professional that day and i lost even more when he was unable to describe his style of cooking