Man Smacked by Loon

 This bizarre crime story from our pals at McBrooklyn:

IMG_2110_I_eat_em_raw.jpgMcBrooklyn: This one mystified even hardened police officers. A suit-type dad was blithely walking his two pre-K kids to school on Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights this morning when a buff youngish guy swooped out of nowhere and coldcocked him — not once, but twice. Pedestrians screamed for the cops and the rapid response of the 84th Precinct was commendable, says everyone involved.

Photo: McBrooklyn

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  • Noone of Consequence

    Noone (and I don’t mean me, even though I did) probably watched that show “6 Degrees” which was set in NYC which included a similar scenario of someone going around sucker-punching various suits, with seemingly no relation to each other.
    Until they caught the guy and it was revealed that they all had been sleeping with his wife.
    Truth imitates fiction?

  • nabeguy

    Didn’t see that show, but that was the first thing that crossed my mind when reading this story. In this case, I hope it’s not true for the sake of the kids. It’s bad enough to see the old man get decked but to find out he’s a cheater also? Way too much to bear at an early age.

  • Just me

    Did you know that “no one,” like “a lot” is TWO words?! Noon is one word… sorry, just a pet peeve.

  • Teddy

    It could be a case of “happy slapping” which has been a problem in the UK. I wonder if there was someone nearby with a cellphone camera.

  • CA

    This happened right in front of me, scariest/strangest thing I’ve seen in a long time. He hit that guy so hard and the kids were right next to him.