Brooklyn Heights Street View


BHB publisher Homer Fink writes about the neighborhood inside Google's new Street View feature in this week's Brooklyn Paper:

Brooklyn Paper: Through Google's Looking Glass: The first thing you notice when trolling the virtual streets is that people sure love to double park in our neighborhood. On the days the photos were taken, countless delivery trucks, vans and civilian vehicles congested the area. A Street View jaunt down Remsen Street turns up two gents in what appear to be matching khaki jackets who may or may not be the street’s famous “Goggle Brothers.” [screen capture above]

While it may take days, weeks or months for us to really find something juicy in this vision of Brooklyn Heights preserved in time like a bug in amber, many natives who have since moved out of the area are using Street View as a way to take a virtual trip down memory lane.

“I went home again yesterday,” Philadelphia Daily News columnist Bill Conlon wrote recently.

“Who says you can’t go there? I started at the corner of Hicks Street and Grace Court — my home stickball field street in Brooklyn Heights more than 60 years ago. On my left, were brownstones dating to the mid-19th century, now renovated into seven-figure townhouses.”

Have you seen any weird scenes captured in our nabe in Street View?  


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  • eric

    Thats my car! The shots were taken on a Tuesday. All the cars are parked on the Tuesday-only side.