Park Plaza Diner Sued Over Wages

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that lawyers for George Haritopoulos,  a former Park Plaza Diner employee,  have filed a class action lawsuit against the eatery.  The suit claims that Haritopoulos  and other workers have not been paid the minimum hourly wages mandated by Federal ($2.13) and New York State ($4.65) law.

Brooklyn Eagle: Haritopoulos, an immigrant from Greece in his 50s who lives alone in Astoria, worked at Park Plaza for seven years before losing his job after he mistakenly failed to charge a customer for a $5 garden salad, Schaffer said.

“He was ok working there,” Schaffer said, saying that Haritopoulos did earn roughly minimum wage with his tips included. After losing his job, “he found out that he was being flat-out cheated,” Schaffer said. Similar allegations against the Park Plaza owners were made in a 2005 lawsuit filed by employees of the Likourentzos’ Sheepshead Bay restaurant, the Bay Plaza Seafood House, after the restaurant closed. That lawsuit concluded with a confidential settlement.

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  • The Where

    Let’s pray those Brandworker losers don’t start protesting at the diner.

  • TheWhereSucks

    Where, you are an ugly blot upon humanity.

  • The Where

    Beats workin.

  • nabeguy

    You mean you’re a trustafarian AND a troll? Wow, TW, you’re my hero!

  • AEB

    Yikes! Ate there last night….

    And Where, do you need attention THAT badly?

  • Unentitled

    If they aren’t paying the staff then what’s there excuse for the $12 cheeseburger deluxe?

  • Unentitled


  • AAR

    Instead of all the off-topic vitriol this item should remind us that restaurant workers depend on our meager tips for survival and are often victimized by unscrupulous business practices.

  • Sir The Where

    AAR – I’ll make sure we call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance for them.

  • No One of Consequence

    Should also be noted that this is just a CLAIM and to stop patronizing the restaurant may ultimately damage the owners, it also means fewer tips and thus less income for the other employees.

  • T.K. Small

    If this is the waiter that I am thinking of, he always struck me as very pushy. I am surprised he was there that long.

  • Heightsman

    Hmmm, waiter loses his job cause he makes a mistake and they have a fall out. I know a way to get them back. Claim that I have had lost wages and have the entire family that owns the place live in misery. You see cases like this all the time where disgruntled former employees choose to act this way only after they lose their job. When this blows over, park plaza should sue their asses for damages in credibility and reputation. On a similar note, 12 bucks is a bit much for a cheeseburger deluxe, but their turkey burgers are honestly the best ever.