101 Clark Residents Miffed Over Transfered Mailman

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the residents of 101 Clark Street are upset over the transfer of their long time postman:

Brooklyn Paper: Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays Santos Caraballos from the swift completion of his appointed rounds. But United States Postal Service bureaucrats are another thing entirely.

Members of a Brooklyn Heights co-op were apoplectic last week at the news that Caraballos, their beloved mailman for 21 years, will no longer be serving the high-rise building as of Aug. 15 as part the Postal Service’s effort to trim an $8-billion deficit.

Toba Potosky, the board president of the co-op at 101 Clark St., said that Caraballos was more than a man in blue shorts to those he serves.

We wonder if this mail carrier will get that route.

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  • William Spier

    Homer, your snarky ” We wonder if this mail carrier will get that route” is and jejune comment adding to an unfortunate story that proved a painful experience for the USPS delivery guy. The bitchy Heights commentors to the original story were an embarassment. Just read them! Perspicuous reporting on the 101 Clark Street mailman loss would have turned up news that mail routes were changing throughout the Heights to the detriment of everyone. Carriers are being re-assigned. This issued is not about bureacrats; it’s indicative of much bigger problems.

  • William Spier

    Correction: Homer, your snarky ” We wonder if this mail carrier will get that route” is a jejune comment adding to an unfortunate story that proved a painful experience for the USPS delivery guy.

  • Smarty Smarkowitz

    Willie you sound like a Park Slope resident. Put down the thesaurus and crack a smile once in while, eh?

  • William Spier

    I don’t spend mcuh time in Park Slope. When that video of the delivery guy was posted, I was (up to my post) the only one who made light of the incident. My problem is that Homer made the comment without knowledge of the repercussions of that video post. I don’t think anyone at the blog bothered to follow up on what might happen to that guy. He was a hair’s breath away from losing his job.

    I’ll’ show my sense of humor art the right time, thank you.

  • Smarty Smarkowitz

    “A hair’s breath” or a “hare’s breath”? Since he’s not fired chalk another one up to bureaucratic incompetence.

  • William Spier

    Sorry for my typos, I’m new at the Blackberry. A weak spot along with my thesaurus. By the way, he is back on the job after hearings and a suspension. I don’t think he deserved this, do you Smarty, Jane?

  • Smarty Smarkowitz

    I think he deserved to get canned. It’s our money.

  • William Spier


  • GHB

    He should definitely have been axed. What if that was your fragile delivery, William?

  • anon

    though i’m honestly sorry to hear there were painful consequences to the mailman caused by the clip, his actions were not caused by me for taking it, Homer for posting it here, or anyone else. What if his supervisors had walked by? It was a moment captured out of pure disbelief. Anyway I don’t want to see people get so nasty again on this topic – but it was my video and I was there to see what happened. Of course I didn’t wish to see him lose his job and I’m relieved to hear he did not, I am glad someone followed up with that point.

  • A. Nonymous

    All the routes in the 11201 have been changed. They eliminated four routes from that station. All the carriers now have longer routes and most of their routes do not even have any part of their old routes in them anymore. Letter carriers are today only doing their new routes for the third time since the change. Carriers who tell management that they have too much mail and are still unfamiliar with their new assignments are being harassed by management when they ask for overtime or help. Supervisors stand behind them at their cases and watch every move they make. Waiting for them to make some kind of a mistake so that they can write them up for a “time wasting practice.” They are being followed in the street so that if the carrier should finish his assignment two minutes earlier than the time he estimated it would take him to do the job he will be written up.
    Working for the Postal Service is nothing more than legalized slavery.

  • The Where

    Perhaps these mail carriers should paid more attention in school instead of hanging out in the schoolyard smoking or disrupting class.

    As Mr. Curtis Blow once said “These are the breaks.”

    Glad to hear our tax dollars are being spent on attempts to manage the system.

  • nabeguy

    Where, read your last post, and admit that you were hanging out right beside them. Should paid?

  • The Where

    They work FOR me.

  • anon

    The anon at 132am is different than me. I”m going to need to get a new anonymous acronym. The other anon was capitalized Anon, and I was lower case, but my territory is being encroached. It gets me so mad that I want to kick a parcel. Grrr.