LICH Slammed in Consumer Reports Poll

According to IT News Online, Consumer Reports magazine has polled health care consumers and, as a result, produced patient satisfaction ratings for hospitals nationwide. Long Island College Hospital was one of those that “fell to the bottom” in the ratings. The poll revealed a negative correlation between patient satisfaction and the “intensity” or aggressiveness of care provided, with patients preferring institutions that provide care on a more “conservative” basis.

“Intensity of care is a critical part of the equation for consumers because it has many implications — if you land in a hospital that is aggressive, that will mean frequent diagnostic tests and doctor visits, more reliance on specialists instead of primary-care doctors, prolonged hospital stays, more days in the ICU, and higher out-of-pocket expenditures, without necessarily improving outcomes,” said Dr. John Santa, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center. Those actions may potentially lead to an increased risk of complications and hospital acquired infections.

Other New York City hospitals cited as having fared poorly in the patient ratings are: Caritas Health Care, in Elmhurst, Queens; Brooklyn Hospital Center at Downtown Campus; and Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. No New York area hospitals were said in the article to have done well in the ratings.

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  • bornhere

    I know there are many who post here who support LICH; but unless they do a massive overhaul of plant and personnel, it will remain a bottom-of-the-barrel healthcare facility.

  • nabeguy

    Forget plant and personnel Until they understand that the welfare of the patient is more important than that of the bottom line, nothing will change. The health care “industry” as a whole must have Hippocrates spinning in his grave like a Cuisinart.

  • Bart

    So if your average Upper-Middle Class to Lower-Upper Class Heights resident were to fall sick, which would be the best hospital to go to?

  • William Spier

    This hospital is a great example of how poorly for-profit hospitals are serving communities. Continuum has sold off prime real estate. sucked out the money, and left the hospital with almost mortal debts. For profit hospital companies like Continuum bring earnings to the bottom line by doing aggressive and unecessary tests and encouraging admissions. Ultimately, serious medical personnel grow disillusioned with deliberately planned attacks on unions and a lowering of care standards. This place is a poster child for a need to overhaul the national medical delivery system. We can hope that the proposed takeover by SUNY Downstate and its first rate management happens: but Stanley B. and Continuum flatlined its fiscal state.

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    I spent a day with a patient in the ER and it was disgusting. There was a man in chains getting tested for TB before being taken to Rikers and a stench of burning rubber tjatm caused an evacuation. I’m glad I saw this — now I know G-d forbid NOT TO GO TO LICH. . My doctor told me if I needed hospital care — to get a car and go to a hospital in Manhattan.