Cars Love Bike Lane

Some folks feel, such as BHB commenter "above average joe", that if you want to ride a bike you should "move to China".  We'd guess that most people have more of a gentle hippie attitude towards two wheelers (except regarding those Critical Mass nitwits, but that's another story).

McBrooklyn reports on four wheelers bogarting the new Tillary Street bike lane from themselves:

McBrooklyn: Tillary Street Bike Lane Still Rife with Cars: The bike lane on Tillary between Cadman Plaza West and the Brooklyn Bridge (and the Manhattan Bridge beyond) is still one of the most dangerous places for a biker in Downtown Brooklyn. Cars turning off the Brooklyn Bridge onto Tillary just love their new private lane. If only those pesky bikes would get out of the way…

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  • Tim N.

    Hey, isn’t that Above Average Joe’s car? He seems like the SUV-type.

    Try this, when the cars in the lane (and there are many) stop, pedal out in front of them and just stand there for about a minute or so… then when AAJ or whoever’s in the car puts down their cell phone casually remind him that he’s IN YOUR LANE and that if he’s going to be a wide-assed rude bastard the least he could do is be quiet about it.

    If you want to drive a car wherever you want, move to the suburbs.

  • Lance

    For the record, I am against this. Cars, I also find interfere with the perambulations.

  • Tim N.

    Not for nothing, Lance, but why do I get the feeling that we agree on more than we disagree on?

  • Lance

    I’m sure we do.

  • help

    Wtf is perambulations?

  • Claude Scales

    Going walkabout.

  • sick of rude bikers

    I bike and ride and follow all the street rules. when I’m in my car I notice bikers don’t stop at red lights,don’t yield to pedestrians,and are really nasty to motorists. I almost got hit crossing the street at Clinton and Montague by a biker who had no intention on stopping for the red light. I would like to see bikers getting tickets for red lights also. I love to bike , but I stop at red light for people to cross safely.