City Tech Seminar Examines “Anatomy of a Brownstone”

This drapery arrangement and chair design might have been found in a Brooklyn brownstone of the late nineteenth century, according to Debra Salomon of the New York City College of Technology ("City Tech"), a unit of CUNY.  On Saturday, May 12, from 1 to 5 p.m., Ms. Salomon, along with a distinguished group of architects, interior designers, antique experts and a home inspector, will present "Anatomy of a Brownstone: Brownstoner's Marketplace", at the City Tech Auditorium, 300 Jay Street (corner of Tillary).

The seminar will focus on four different approaches to renovating a brownstone.  The first of these is to replace original details (such as railings, gates, terra cotta and furniture) with identical material, the second to adapt the interior for a new use (such as an artist's studio), the third to make it "modern and green", and the fourth (continuing the "green" theme, but also considering economy) to make it energy-efficient.

Ms. Salomon said the seminar is aimed at the "hands-on homeowner" who owns or is considering buying a brownstone.  It's intended to show, in a practical way, how to enjoy "modern living in an old house"; including, for example, how to adjust old wiring for modern appliances. 

A subsequent "Anatomy" seminar on October 27 will continue the "green" approach, with speakers on, among others, the topics of non-toxic paint and non-polluting power.  

City Tech's continuing education program is a valuable and convenient resource for Heights residents, offering over 300 courses each year.  Charles Johnston, Director of the Continuing Education Center, noted that home owners and renovators can benefit from courses on electrical repair and maintenance, plumbing, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning, among others.  

The fee for the May 12 "Anatomy of a Brownstone" seminar is $35.  If you are interested in attending, please call 718-552-1170.    

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