Yassky to Spitzer: Stopsky Yards Work

After yesterday's "oops" at Ward Bakery, Brooklyn Paper reports that Brooklyn Heights' City Councilman (and the next Mayor?) David Yassky is asking Governor Spitzer to stop Bruce Ratner's preliminary demolition work for Atlantic Yards before someone loses an eye errr sumthin':

Brooklyn Paper: Pols to Spitzer…: Stop Bruce Ratner — now — before he hurts someone!

That’s what a coalition of elected officials — some of them supporters of Ratner’s Atlantic Yards mega-development — want Gov. Spitzer to do, one day after hundreds of pounds of debris crashed onto Pacific Street during demolition of one of Ratner’s buildings within the project’s footprint.

“This was a serious accident and we need a state-appointed construction supervisor who is responsible and accountable,” said Councilman David Yassky (D–Brooklyn Heights), one of a handful of elected officials who was scheduled to speak at a Friday afternoon press conference near the site of the accident.

“There should be no construction or demolition activity at Atlantic Yards until that person is appointed,” Yassky added.

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  • nabeguy

    I find it somewhat amusing that when the possibility of a liability suit pops up, so does David Yasskey. Guess you can take the lawyer out of the ambulance-chasing business but…

  • deedee

    why on earth would anyone think that David Yassky would be the next Mayor?