Easy Eats at Busy Chef

bc2.JPGThe idea of The Busy Chef, at 60 Henry Street, is one to be applauded. Regardless of one’s culinary prowess, real life often gets in the way of a homemade meal. The Busy Chef would like us to buy our entrees and desserts there – especially given that they stress that all their baked goods are made on premises. Like we said, the IDEA is one to be applauded. They sell pre-cooked food. Great IDEA.

The initial quagmire is a lack of heating directions. Admittedly basic, but it’s something that should be included with each entree.

bc1.JPGIn their absence, BHB put its state-of-the-art microwave in “reheat sensor,” thinking that the most logical option.

The first course for BHB included, vegetable lasagna, smoked chicken quesadilla and mini spinach quiches. The veggie lasagna brought mixed reviews from our crowd, some thought it not lasagna at all, some thought with more cooking time, it would have been fine. The chicken quesadilla offended no one, but the spinach quiche tasted too sweet as opposed to savory.

bc3.JPGThe entrees we opted for were grilled tuna steak with wasabi mayonaise and rice and an order of pulled pork. The rice was applauded by all, but the tuna steak, while presumably delicious upon its initial cooking, reheated dryly. The pulled pork received adequate reviews, but the meat in the entree was sparse and the sauce was a tad too sweet.

No complaints? The chocolate cake, their lattes, the free doggie biscuits in front of the store front and again, the IDEA. We are hopeful the execution will catch up.

Busy Chef, 60 Henry Street – 718 – 624 – 3182

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  • BP

    I think I can tell what the first two images are based on the story, but what is the third image?

  • Homer Fink

    BP – that pic is the veggie lasagna.

  • MBF

    I’m finally moving into the neighborhood this coming Tuesday…just curious, what store or market sells the best fish/shellfish? And what are people’s thoughts on Perelandra? I’m used to doing all my food shopping at Whole Foods and Westerly Natural, is this the best shop for organic food in the Heights?

  • jen

    I hate to be negative because I agree it’s a great concept – BUT – my boyfriend got a salad at Busy Chef, and the next day I tried to eat the leftovers but the tomato was covered in white mold and the lettuce was already disintegrating. He must not have looked closely when he ate the first half for dinner – it shouldn’t take that short a time for undressed salad to go bad.

  • http://epcostello.net e.p.c.

    Perelandra is probably your best local source for organic. I tend to mix grocery shopping between Perelandra and Garden of Eden. I’ve had mixed success with GoE fish. There’s a fishmonger on Court Street, around maybe Dean, but I’ve never actually gotten any fish there.

    If you’re into organic/raw you might try The Plant in DUMBO http://www.theplantindumbo.com/.

  • sickandtired

    I have twice had their salads and haven’t experienced this problem.

  • JL

    Returned to BC this past weekend. Glad that they finally added some music. Seemed relatively busy. However, like the first time we went in (opening night), the people behind the counter didn’t seem to know what was what, nor what other options were available. (Ordered a bagel to find out there were no “packets” of cream cheese available, c’mon now folks, it can’t be that hard to buy a gallon of cream cheese). Picked up an egg and cheese sandwhich. For $2.50 it was only slightly better then the kind you buy at home and microwave yourself. How about actually heating these things up in a real oven or a convection-type microwave. I can pick up microwaved food myself. Finally, muffin was so-so.

  • JL

    Hi Arthur, I was saying that “in general” it was only better than the typical “microwave-at-home” breakfast sandwiches, like Jimmy Dean or Great Start (I know, I shouldn’t eat that kinda junk anyhow). What I should also mention, is that the BC version would have been pretty decent if cooked in an oven of some sort, since the quality of the food itself was better.

  • Bklyn Native

    I tried Busy Chef for the first time last night. Here’s my review:

    I bought 3 items: scallops wrapped in bacon, shrimp scampi with angel hair pasta, and tiramisu.

    The scallops were flavorful and fresh. The shrimp was also good, though the pasta way overcooked and starchy.

    The tiramisu was inedible–had to throw it away.

    I will give Busy Chef one last try, though I’m not hopeful.

  • Jay

    I love the Busy Chef. The staff gets friendlier and friendlier. I’ve never had problems with the food (whether they serve it to me hot or I take it home to heat up in the microwave). Dan, the owner/manager, is consistently asking for feedback. I hope Busy Chef is here to stay.

  • http://bk11201.com EJC

    Across the street from the Court St movie theatre!

  • No One of Consequence

    I don’t think it’s the exact same location, but I called it…

    (hey, why no comment form on http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/2067 )

  • nabeguy

    Nooq, I wondered about that too. As if there haven’t been enough comments about the CoC. Looks like somethings stirring in the old UCG, as I’ve seen flowers and customers in the windows, but no actual name on the place. When I walked by Friday evening, it appeared that the rappers that were so big on OVEN had taken up residence in the new place…I saw Lil’ Kobe, Snoop Duck, and Ja Kale, to name a few.

  • cranberry

    ahh yes..i saw them in there too, with their fat boy hits jackets on. i think i saw that actress with them as well. could be wrong though.

  • The Waylander

    Who knew repackaging frozen foods would warrant a chain of stores?

  • http://http:www.myspace.com/billyreno Billy Reno

    MBF, Fish Tales on Court has great seafood.

    Bring back Horn & Hardart!



  • Nancy

    Perelandra sells the most oily oversalted organic food I have ever had. The people who cook the food don’t wear proper head coverings, either. Disgusting place.

  • Steve

    I was a former regular at Busy Chef until I was overcharged a huge amount of money on my debit card (for several hundreds of dollars!!!). I also heard that this happened to several customers and a bogus explanation was given by the owner. There’s something fishy going on at this place. Stay away. If you go…pay cash and don’t hand over your credit card. THIS IS A WARNING. DO NOT HAND OVER YOUR CREDIT CARD OR YOU WILL BE OVERCHARGED. YOU WON’T REALIZE IT UNTIL THE END OF YOUR BILLING CYCLE (IF YOU EVEN REALIZE IT AT ALL). People like me who used their debit card get really screwed up and have to deal with insufficient funds!!!

  • real talk

    attention brooklyn nite’s here is the lastest update on busychef dan kaufman has been fired and was arrested from busychef for more info read tomorrow newspaper { friday 18 2008 ]

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    “real talk”: have any evidence to back up your rumor? newspaper name? arrested for what? perp walk photo?

  • reader

    wow, read ur comment, then got this in my mailbox!


    he was stealing, from all his customers,,,, soooo sad..

  • neighbor

    Doesn’t anyone see the SYSCO truck parked out front in the a.m.?
    SYSCO is a nation wide institutional food service company. Watch as the pizza dough is unloaded. See, smell, taste the deception.