Dunkin’ Donuts Flips to Tim Hortons on Court Street

Popular Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons has replaced the Dunkin’ Donuts outlet at 22 Court Street as part of an area wide rollout.

Oddly, one of the chain’s biggest and best known offerings are doughnut holes called “Tim Bits” introduced in 1976.  They conjure a disturbing mental image since the store’s namesake, a well-known NHL player,  was killed in a particularly grisly automobile accident in 1974.

His family sold its shares shortly after the accident and are no longer part of the company.

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  • DAB

    Get the maple glaze.

  • bornhere

    Calorie issues are probably irrelevant and shouldn’t be mentioned in the world of donuts — but how is it that Dunkin’s chocolate glazed has 280 calories, and Horton’s has 580?

  • http://www.brooklynbackstretch.com Teresa

    Woo-hoo! I *LOVE* their sandwiches and coffee.

  • Anne

    Bornhere – just guessing because I have yet to check out the Tim Horton’s (but as a donut lover I most certainly will) – but is it a cake vs. yeast donut issue? I think the Dunkin’s ones are yeast (and pretty air filled) which has fewer calories than more cakey donuts. Also – iirc Dunkin doesn’t coat their yeast donuts with sugar glaze if they are going to get a flavored coating like chocolate. If Horton’s does, I imagine that would be a pretty significant difference, too.

    Thinking about calories is perfectly acceptable in the donut world! I was ecstatic to see that the donuts at Dunkin have far fewer calories than the bran muffins. Now donuts are the “smart choice” for breakfast! ;)

  • bornhere

    Anne – Good news! I’m a dummy — it seems the Horton’s chocolate glazed donut is actually 260 calories. I was missing the fact that every time you click on a donut type on their handy-dandy nutrition grid, it keeps a running total of whatever you’ve already clicked on. So-o, the “580” must have reflected the caloric total of more than one donut. Who knew there could be this much discussion on the topic. And tomorrow, kiddies, an essay comparing and contrasting Horton’s vs DD carb counts!

  • StanleyCup