Action! “Remember Me” Rolls on Cranberry Street, Robert Pattinson Expected This Afternoon


Word is that Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson will be on set this afternoon.  So far this morning we spotted a shoot with co-star Lena Olin who is still a stunner at 54.  Also expected today:   Pierce Brosnan. (Above child actress Ruby Jerins of Nurse Jackie fame arrives on set this morning. Photo: Mrs. Fink)

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  • beth

    I would like to thank the two dudes working on the film who got into a fistfight outside my window at 7AM this morning and woke me up. Good job!

  • AAR

    This film business is getting to be a total nuisance. They have taken parking on about 10 blocks in the north Heights; the caterer does not sort the trash; crew members are rude and seem to think they own the street including parking for themselves; traffic has been horrendous! What do we get out of it for such inconvenience? Let’s start a petition to stop making movies in the heights.

  • Stan

    AAR – I’m starting a petition to get you a clue. I suggest you drink a 40 tonight and start enjoying life. Are you really worked up about trash not being sorted out correctly?

  • Annoyed

    So Stan, are you saying you like having people come into the neighborhood to take all the parking spots and fight in the streets????

  • Amanda

    Am I the only one who finds this fun and exciting? Maybe you guys are jaded New Yorkers, but the midwestern girl in me still thrills to see my neighborhood in the movies and have Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson and the like hanging around my block. I agree these film productions can be a nuisance, but I also feel really privileged to live in a place as beautiful as Brooklyn Heights that people would want to use as a location.

  • Annoyed2

    you all sound whiny…no parking…trash is not sorted…go back to bed, go to work, park somewhere else. You seem to forget that when you are home tonight watching your TV or putting in a DVD, that these things need to be filmed, they don’t appear magically. So when you have to find a new parking spot for the day put up with it. It’s silly to complain because you probably like taking your out of town friends around the neighborhood and saying “this is where moonstruck was filmed. This is where prizzi’s honor, midnight run, superman, and the coen brothers movie shot”. It’s nice to be proud of it. So when you’re complaining about your parking spot or getting up at 730, you sound ridiculous. You’re perpetuating the Brooklyn Heights stereotype of being snobby, alive and kicking. See you at the movies!

  • beth

    I am glad for the filming — good for the city and for my friends in the business who have been hurting. And I saw Pierce Brosnan tonight! The man still has it.

    I still reserve the right to complain about the fist fight tho. Not cool.

  • Annoyed2

    Beth, I like your style! open mind!

  • Annoyed

    It’s not about hating movies (I’ve been in two). It’s about fairness and consideration. This is the most ticketed and towed precinct in the city yet when some celebrities come in we’re supposed to suspend all the rules (parking, tax breaks, etc.). What about the contractor, plumber, delivery person or tax paying resident? Why should they be treated worse than someone in the film industry?

  • Annoyed

    we are all treated worse because our taxes our going up while they are getting special tax breaks. We get ticketed and towed. They get to park anywhere including both sides of the street which is a fire hazard.

  • Annoyed2

    Annoyed…i don’t know where to begin. Maybe you should start a blog about the problems with America. You sound like a victim… You sound out of touch. Fairness — they put up signs for over a week, pretty fair to me. Sounds like you should petition for the plumbers of the city to be able to get parking permits for when they work. We would all sign it! Not a petition against filming. Annoyed, get off your computer, and do something about it. And any production can get permits. It’s not just celebrities only. You’re not informed and I’m wasting my time. good luck.

  • Annoyed

    Annoyed2 – I’m aware any film crew can get a permit because the mayor’s office for film doles them out like candy without informing the local precinct – much to their chagrin.

    I noticed you neglected the tax issue. Do you enjoy paying higher taxes?

    Notice that I don’t stoop to personal attacks like you did.

  • jiker

    i hate film crews. the come in like they own the streets. i could care less about the actors and the movie. go shoot your fuc**ing film somewhere else.

  • north heights res

    There’s a pretty big entitlement factor to the crews. True: the parking signs were up in plenty of time, so that’s just annoying and inconvenient, especially given the number of streets the shoot took over, but they did handle it pretty well.

    It was a little hard to handle yesterday, though, when they had streets blocked off to both pedestrian and auto traffic and were pretty rude about people trying to get through. I saw big delivery trucks waiting to deliver to Jack the Horse, and a USPS truck trying to figure out how to get to where it needed to be. The amount of “taking over” this shoot did seemed pretty excessive.

  • Douche

    I ignored a screaming PA and ran right through a shot last night on Columbia Heights. Hope I ruined it and cost them money. Go back to Hollywood, leeches.

  • Annoyed2

    Douche…I hope you ran through the shot on your way out of the neighborhood. You’re boring. You got your 15 seconds of fame right here on the brooklyn heights blog, big time! enjoy life a little people.

    Annoyed…and as far as taxes…yes we should pay higher taxes if it will provide better care for the city. If you don’t park your car according to the law it should be towed and ticketed. period. that’s how the city makes money. When you pay for your car to get out, it will pay for your street to be paved or a teacher to work. Films get tax breaks because they employ a lot of people, bring business to support industries, help tourism.

  • Annoyed

    Annoyed2 – several companies meet the standards you describe, but do not receive the same tax breaks. The film crews were given a break from the same law that you insist that I obey.

    it figures you would support both higher taxes and tax breaks rather than fairness for all. if higher taxes are so good, why not apply them to the film crews? If tax breaks are a good thing, why not apply them to everyone? Or in your world are only certain people entitled to special benefits?

  • Jazz

    Life is not fair this is why religion thrives.

  • WillowStreeter

    Yes, the film people get tax credits, but in the long run, they end up paying taxes that benefit our economy. If it were not for these breaks, these films would do their filming in other states, and no business at all would occur here, and therefore, no tax revenue at all would be coming into our city/state. That would mean loads of crew, caterers, etc. out of work and eating up unemployment benefits.

    How many times have you seen a fake NYC in a movie or TV show? It is just as easy for these productions to go shoot in some other state or even Canada, or some set in Hollywood, which would result in a downturn here.

  • Annoyed2

    annoyed.. it’s unfortunate that only some strange negative can be seen here by you, parking spots and tax breaks. We’re lucky that we can spend the time talking about this stuff on our computers, is that fair? If a sign has been put up to move your car, you should move it or you’ll be ticketed. It’s not that hard, it’s temporary, and walking the few extra blocks might do you some good. These people work in an industry that is out in the open. their office is the street. I’m sure people would have an opinion about your office if all we did was walk through it. I’m proud to live in a neighborhood where taxi driver, moonstruck, age of innocence, missing, midnight run, superman, prizzi’s honor, manhattan, the departed, smoke, straight out of brooklyn, have been filmed…to name a few. If you employed the people that these companies have , then yes, you should have VIP parking. otherwise what’s the big problem? go outside, get an ice-coffee and enjoy the day.

  • Annoyed

    WillowStreeter – plenty of businesses have and will leave the city/state because of taxes. If they’re good enough to keep the film industry here as you say why then not apply them elsewhere? Why single the film industry out? Is it your fear of a fake NYC sidewalk scene?

    Annoyed2 – i have employed people and am currently part owner of a business that employs over 50 people. Please send me my VIP parking pass.

  • nabeguy

    What a great bitch-slapping session this has turned into. One question. how are they going to make the Heights look as genuine as Toronto, where most of the “New York” location sites have been filmed for the past 15 years?

  • justaneighbor

    Honestly, the biggest nuisance of this whole thing was the useless traffic cops who would not answer questions as to where the filming started/stopped, merely mumbled some excuse of directions and gave a wave of the hand directing me to Columbia Heights Boulevard. It ended up taking me out of my way and costing me time as I was already rushed and stuck behind everyone else who either didn’t know where they were going or were trying to get a look at the filiming. I live a stone’s throw from the filming and am happy to offer up my street for such a cause, but that traffic cop really ticked me off.

  • bornhere

    Columbia Heights Boulevard?