Robert Pattinson Watch: How to Get Your Photos and Videos on BHB

Flickr photo via latuacantante

Flickr photo via latuacantante

Tuesday (7/14) is  going to be the best day of your life if you’re a Brooklyn Heights based Twilight fanRobert Pattinson will be here filming Remember Me.

Share your experience with the world via BHB – send us your videos, photos, tweets!

Here’s our essential info:

Email photos to webmaster AT  OR upload them to the BHB Photo Club on Flickr.

If you shoot video,  upload to YouTube or similar sites and send us the URL or you may upload it to the BHB Photo Club on Flickr.

You may also Twitter us comments, links, photos, videos etc: @bkheightsblog OR @brooklynbugle .

Simple rules: Obey NYPD restrictions and any requests from the location crew.


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  • nabeguy

    How about obeying simple decency? Sure, I get a thrill when big-time productions film in the Heights, but they’re here to work. Why not let them enjoy the neighborhood as we all do and not invade their office space? This is BHB after all, not TMZ.

  • josh

    I was hoping for equal coverage of the Crest White-Strips commercial being filmed on Remsen Street today – love those chemical induced pearly whites admist the tree-lined street…makes me want to stop typing and brush again…

  • The Where

    TMZ wishes it was BHB.

  • C-berry

    I am all for following the rules so long as they are not made up as they go along. Up to and as of 7:30pm last night there were no signs on Columbia Heights for no parking but at 9pm signs magically appeared along with tow trucks! Cars started getting hauled away and ficticious people were blamed by members of “the crew” for ripping down signs that were never posted.

  • AEB

    In the north Heights, signs have been posted for forty days and nights (or so it seems) and with stunning frequency.

    Shall we bet on whether they’ll be removed with equal fervor/commitment?

  • Annoyed

    I walked out of my house this morning to find members of the film crew brawling in the middle of the street. No, this was not a scene from the movie. No one from the production company to the Mayor’s Office for Film seems to care that much.

    I’m also wondering why they’re allowed to park on both sides of Cranberry St. Isn’t that a fire hazard??? If they’re able to do it why can’t regular tax-paying residents do the same.

    These productions get tax breaks to come and make our lives more difficult while our own taxes keep going up.

  • heightsdiho

    looked more like a bitch slap session than a brawl…

  • Annoyed

    you must not have seen the whole thing

  • Pizza Dude

    Maybe she was talking about the Brandworkers plans for Cranberry Street.

    Anyway, forget rats, have you ever seen the Hicks Street raccoon? That thing could devour the entire catering truck in 3 minutes flat.

  • heightsdiho

    to Annoyed – yeah, I probably did miss some of it. Lost interest and had to get to work.