Ladies May Swoon Over Twilight Heartthrob Pattinson Filming in Brooklyn Heights but Parking Is Gonna Suck

Movies filming in Brooklyn and specifically Brooklyn Heights is a great thing.  You can’t dispute the fact that the classic image of Cher walking down Cranberry Street in Moonstruck will forever be etched in the minds of romantics across the globe.

On Tuesday, a real life Conrad BirdieTwilight’s Robert Pattinson – will be here shooting his new flick Remember Me.  It’s already taken Cobble Hill by storm and we’re not expecting any less of his fans here.

If you’re planning on stalking errr watching the filming, tweet us your photos [@bkheightsblog @brooklynbugle] or upload them to the BHB Photo Club on Flickr.

And now the bad news – parking  or the lack thereof is going to be a nightmare.  Details after the jump.

Here are the basics:

  • Filming takes place on Tuesday (7/14) from 6AM – 9PM.
  • The “Twilight Zone” of filming will be: Cranberry Street between Columbia Heights and Willow Street.
  • If you’re parked in the following places AFTER 8PM on MONDAY (7/13) YOU WILL BE TOWED:
    • Both sides of Cranberry between Columbia Heights and Henry
    • Both sides of Willow between Orange and Middagh
    • Both sides of Hicks between Orange and Poplar
    • Both sides of Middagh between Hicks and Henry
    • Both sides of Cadman Plaza West between Prospect and Clark
    • North side of Middagh between Cadman Plaza West and Henry

If your vehicle is “relocated” you may call the movie’s Production Office at 212-921-770 or the NYPD tow unit at 212-971-0780 to locate it.

Residents with any other issues may call the Production Office as well.


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  • AEB

    You now, the American celeb-tropism thing is beginning to depress me.

    I realize that these glam guys ‘n’ gals (sorry, ladies) provide a heightened sense of life to people–most of us–for whom that condition is anything but exciting, but…

    PS, presumably, Mr. Pattinson will provide chills and spills for a larger segment of the population than just “ladies.” It’s a big world out there, you know….

  • Dodger

    What happens if they tow your car to a spot which is no parking (presumably with impunity during the filming) and then leave it? How long is the grace period?

  • nabeguy

    Dodger, there’s generally a contact number that you can call to locate your car (they record the cars by plate/location) I suggest you not wait until the next day. Given they’re filming on Cranberry Street, is there any chance that the giant rat will make an appearance in the film? Homer, was that thread closed down for an particular reason other than the threat of violence? Or, like any fish, was it just starting to stink up the place?

  • Kathy

    What’s up with the parking in the neighborhood in general? I noticed that people on Columbia Heights are not moving their cars for Tues 8:30-10:00am street cleaning (which made parking during filming even harder)…and alternate side was NOT suspended on 7/14 or today. What’s going on?

  • Jazz

    Off topic much?